It seems I am destined to do what I am doing right now and the board wants me to wander like a nomad forever. I arrived in Mumbai three months back and I am now living in my fifth abode a plush service apartment in Juhu with a kitchen and a living room and a large double bed, it is old fashioned with teak wood furniture and sliding doors, the light is low and orange bulbs illuminate the sitting room and the bathrooms which have classical marble tiles and a modern shower. A place is as good and even better than the Novotel Juhu where I spent the last six days before I was kicked out as my travel broker had not paid them the full money. Nonetheless, I was shifted to a very comfortable service apartment, in Juhu. Having feasted on cheese toast and chicken sandwich’s, I feel invigorated having had a warm shower and become at ease with my body I did my regular Simba Kriya in the morning followed by the OM OM meditation.

They may hate is on full show and the sun bears out from my window, I am liking Juhu it is far relaxed, and with the beach, the entire place has a feel to it that is of warmth as if wanting you to stay. But that is not possible as I will be shifted to another hotel in a few days. The merry go round of Mumbai goes on, with the virus around everything still seems to be moving smoothly for me and my friends.

God just wants me to keep moving and wandering and that is exactly what I am doing now. First as a travel blogger and now as an author trying to make a web-series.  I am happy that I have managed to sell the rights of my book on my Dad’s murder it will be made into a full-fledged Web-series soon. Yes, sir, I killed My Dad the book I wrote from my perspective on my father’s brutal murder will be made into a web-series and that makes me happy, finally, all the writing and blogging for the past five years have not gone to waste.

After finishing writing Nineteen, I am still looking for my nest book to sink my teeth on, till then I am still wondering and still searching, my god he really just wants me to wander and that is exactly what I am doing.