The month of April has been an eye opener to me , it was the first time the Virus hit me personally and effected people and loved ones closely associated to me . I have been spending time with my grandmother who is 92 years old and suffers from Diabetes . I had managed to save my self from COVID 19 thus far having had a test last year November I was COVID negative , always wore my mask followed social distancing along with hygiene . I stayed indoors either in hotel rooms or in my house most of the time , avoided public gatherings or even visiting restaurants . But the second wave hit me and my near and dear hard .

It so happened that mays servant boy went to Haridwar to participate in the Kumbh Mela he got the virus back with him and infected me with in days .This was after I had had my first shot of the covid vaccine . I started getting back pain and body aches and soon was bed ridden with fever which would go up and down . I had Crocin to get the over down for a few days , but the virus took hold I lost my appetite , got a cold and dry cough . Their were nights I used to cry out in pain as I felt my insides bursting . Their were nights I got hick ups that would not go away . Along with a dry mouth needing water all the time . By the end of the fifth day I decided to see a doctor , in my local hospital near my house . My oxygen and blood pressure was checked and then I had a blood test done . The doctor gave me a long list of medicines to have for the next seven days . I had them although my appetite was gone I took my medication . The temperature remained but my situation began to improve the body pain began to recede and I had a bath on the eleventh day . I made sure I had lots of juice and mango’s and all took some Baba Ramdev remedies just in case to get my immunity up .

By the fourteenth day I had improved and was moving about in the garden freely . The second wave had forced the local authorities to declare a curfew and lock down , shops were asked to be open only till Noon and after that the streets were deserted . All that one could see and hear were ambulances running shelter skelter across the city with sirens blaring .

All night I stayed up in bed listening to news report about lack of oxygen and beds in hospitals now I was facing it first hand as my grandmother had got the infection from me . She was bed ridden and had lost her appetite . We went to hospitals but they advised home quarantine as beds where not available . So I along with my servants created a mini hospital in my room , as advised by friends I managed to arranged a 24 hour nurse and we got oxygen at Rs 4000 a cylinder . My granny had been hit hard she had become pale and her blood oxygen  levels had fallen below 70 . It was friends who helped out with numbers , one needed Nebulizers ,masks and medication . Every day was challenge as we used local auto’s to get re fills for my Grand mothers oxygen . Being old she was venerable and was gasping for air , we had to make sure she got oxygen at all times other wise she would die . We managed so far with two cylinders in the house as one cylinder lasts one day only . But sew as getting good care by the nurse who kept monitoring her and making sure she was breathing right .

Lockdown has been declared in many cities and Dehra Doon is at a stand still with very limited shops opening .All one hers is doom and gloom in the news and people dyeing across the board more than 4lakh cases a day and climbing . Every day you hear some one in the neighborhood passed away . So much so that my blog team and some key book bloggers also got the virus at the same time .

The house is a mini hospital as all of us roam around wearing masks even indoors . their is no need to take granny to the hospital as we have managed to get care to her at home , just hope she can fight this as being old she will have to fight . I for one am fine now and even went for a 5 km walk yesterday , my fruit and juice diet has kept me healthy and the morning baths re invigorate me . I felt the fear of COVID for the first time it was like I had become the news stories I was watching on .

Now I await my second injection and hope that I would have developed some immunity by defeating the virus last month .Buy granny still fights , she is on oxygen and still not eating well , I just hope she gets well soon , but we have to be patient .Relatives and friends call up asking  about her condition and give their advice as my servants run around the city for medicine and oxygen re fills .The streets are empty except for blaring sirens one can hear nothing , it’s like the city is in a coma from an unknown plague which is just making people gasp for air and oxygen this is a new kind of death as people choke to death in hospitals with doctors pumping their hearts and giving mouth to mouth in a bid to keep them alive . India is the worst hit country after America and our vaccination program is going very slowly , with anchors in the news blaming it on the government who they feel was too over confident and callous in allowing elections and IPL to take place in these dire times .IPL has been put on hold as many cricketers have got the virus to the famous bio bubble has been busted by the bug . It is killing all even the young now as kids are getting the virus too .