End of First Month


I was delighted when I took my weight on a full stomach after breakfast in the morning. As I stood on the weighing scale to see and measure the impact of my power walking and diet schedule I was elated. I weigh exactly 94.5 kg today my weight one month back when I started my schedule was 99 kgs. This means I have lost 4.5 kg in the last 31 days. I have thus overachieved my target of losing 4 kgs a month.

That has been achieved due to pawer walking and a strict diet. My average walking per week was.


Week one: 5.2 km

Week Two: 6.5 km

Week Three: 7 km

Week Four: 8.2 km


I stuck to my diet plan of soups, dals, toast, boiled egg, fruits, and fruit juices. That helped in the fat reduction process immensely. I am attaching my photo’s at the end of the first month of my weight loss program. As you can see my double chin is reduced and a bit of my girth but I feel it will take one full month of exercising to see the real impact of my schedule. Till then stay tuned folks.