Being a travel blogger and a writer I need to get in enough hours of writing to make money and stay productive . So I choose flexible work hours my work time table is in two parts .

From 10 am to 2 pm that’s when I break for lunch and from 4 pm to 5 pm . That is in all five hours of writing in a concentrated manner through my day . Dinner is at 8:00 pm and my time from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm is dedicated to watching videos surfing the net and answering my mails or just reading a book and listening to music .With a two hour exercise schedule from 5: 00 pm to 7:00 pm my day is packed and sorted out .

I just clocked another 7.6 km of walking today at the BHU campus , now I have got my trot finally right and my brisk walk helps me really burn some calorie .My hand and feet movement is measured and I feel in control as I walk slowly sipping water and stopping over for some juice on the way . I can feel the fat burn and churn as I roam the campus on my daily routine .My diet remains the same as last week tea lots of biscuits , yellow dal and dray roti .


Let’s hope I can get into some shape and shed my oblix  like girth . I am happy with the pace of my walk and I have perfected the right walking posture , with the arms on the side bent at 90 degrees . I keep my spine and shoulders upright and always look in front as I thrust forward with my walk , no sideways wiggling of the stomach no throwing the hands up and down , just a swift rhythmic motion . The next thing is to regulate the breathe and breathe intensely , I am getting there and am happy with the initial results .

My toes have healed a bit and the abrasions don’t hurt that much when I walk . But I need to give it a few more days so that the healing process in complete .


I spent the entire afternoon munching cashew nuts and staring out of the window at the Durga kind temple I have gotten used to seeing etc temple as its the first thing that stands out .The health benefits of brisk walking or what is also known as power walk are many . The cardio helps in reducing the risk of heart disease , diabetes , blood pressure , arteritis  . The deep breathing that one does while walking expands the lungs and helps the blood oxygenation process . The power walk if done correctly with the right posture and upright body position can reduce fat and by burning calories one can over time get into shape .But if one wants to loose weight faster than jogging or running is the answer . Ideally one should start with brisk walking and then do power walks with some weights or light dumbbells clasped in the hand . When the body gets used tithes then you can start jogging and running . It is better to gradually ramp it up to jogging . There is no doubt that one can burn double the amount of calories while jogging . A brisk walk should be at least of 10,000 steps and for an hour minimum every day . If you are enjoying it you can do one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening .The trick is to keep engaged while you walk apart from enjoying the view and nature around one can also listen to light music , make suer the music through your head phone is not very loud so as to drown the ambient sounds in the environment ..


Being a university campus BHU is full of young students jogging , walking and playing football on the many fields of the campus , there is a tennis court also which is always full in the evening . The local play ground also has a basketball court and young men get their daily exercise that way They are a few guys who ride around their bikes , another novel way of burning fat and loosing weight . The university campus gets quiet in the evening and I have found many area’s which are deserted  and quiet , I often venture their for the piece as I take my brisk walk .


One can see a steady stream of electric rickshaws meandering on the tarmac road , I make sure I walk right at the edge of the road or on the red brick footpath , so as to avoid any traffic or collision . It is fun seeing young couples romance each other sitting on top of motor bikes . The campus also has a juice stall and a few shops selling nick naks and eat’s . I always stop on the juice stall after an hours of walk and get two glasses of orange juice that keeps me hydrated apart from the one litre water bottle I carry with me all through my walks ..On the way out I also managed to drink two large coconut water / Keep hydrating yourself the more liquid you in take the less the need to take solid food .