Caring for my Calories 


Loosing 20 kg in 5 months  


A fit adult person consumes 2000 calories per day that’s the right amount of calories intake one should have during the day to stay for and work efficiently . Now if you are losing weight and want to cut your flab you need burn calories the more you burn through exercise the more the weight loss in kilo’s . You can loose calories in tow ways reduce the food and calorie intake and eat below the 2000 calories average threshold level .The other is to burn it through exercise , sports or aerobics and stretching .

My Calorie intake though my diet First Month





2 idli and one bowl of sambhar             90 calories 

1 placket of digestive biscuits               83 calories 

2 cups of tea                                          30 calories 

2 toast very lightly buttered                    230 calories 




One large bowl of yellow or black dal     124 calorie 

2 tandoori roti plain                                  220 calories 




One large bowl of chicken soup                170 calorie

One plate mom’s or chicken spring role      250 calories 

One packet of digestive biscuits                  83 calories 




6 one litre bottles of mineral water

4 large glasses of juice.                            180 calories 

1 coconut water                                        19 calories 


Total Calories in take through food and diet : 1470 calories 



Burning Calories through Power Walking


A 10,000 steps power walk in the evening for one and half hours burns 400 calories


Half an hour of badminton , stretching exercises in the morning will burn 200 calories


So my real daily calories intake will be : 1479 – 600 calories = 879 calories


An average man of my age takes : 2000 calories


My Intake is 879 , so I burn : 1121 calories a day


Burning one kilo of fat requires you to burn 7700 calories a week , so my diet plan and exercise plan will achieve a weight loos of one kilo a week and 4 kilos a month


My goal : loss 20 kgs thus with my diet plan it will take me 5 months to achieve that .