Walking can be a boring activity at times and one needs to keep changing their walking route from time to time. Today I clocked 12.5 Km and this is the furthest I have walked since I began my schedule. As time has gone by I have seen that my stamina has increased and I am able to walk more than I did the week before and so on. My legs have become stronger and my back has straightened up. My posture has improved and I am able to cover more distance even my speed has increased along with a longer and symmetrical stride. Having a lot of honey water with lemon keeps me hydrated and I keep changing my route now and again. This time I take a route that takes me past a famous idli dosa joint that has just opened up in my neighborhood.

Instead of stopping over to munch on a boiled corn cob, I now stopover to have a plate of idli, that gives me enough energy for the rest of the distance that I wish to cover. I seem to be getting fitter and my stamina has also increased as the weeks go by. I am glad that I took up power walking as an activity and remained dedicated to my schedule. To sooth my foot I now apply Peppermint intensive foot care cream which I bought from a local body shop, instead of the antiseptic cream that I used for my blisters this new foot care cream seems to be more effective and it has soothed my foot pain considerably.


The power of walking also helps my berthing as I take deep breaths while I push forward on the tarmac road and I have to expand my lungs to do so. This helps in the oxygenation of my blood and I am told helps in regulating blood pressure and diabetes as well.