My second month of power walking has almost come to an end and I have been clocking 10km a week consistently. My posture has improved and the speed of my walking has increased as time has gone by I have gained strength in my legs and my strides have become longer. I try and regulate my breathing as I walk across the roads in Dehra Doon with vigor. I  take a different route each day just so that the scenery keeps changing every time. The blisters on my feet have vanished as I apply Peppermint intensive cooling cream which I bought from the body shop in the local mall here.

I have gotten into the habit of munching corn cob on my way back home. I divide my day into two walks one after lunch and one just before dinner time starting at 7 pm. I power walk for over two and a half hours each day without a break seven days a week no rest day on Sunday as I had previously decided. Ten kilometers is more than 15000 steps a day consistently, luckily my body has gotten used to it now and adjusted well.


On my evening walks, I manage to have a plate of idli and vada at the Udupi Caffe on east canal road, at times I take filter coffee and a plate of vada also with sambhar and buttermilk. As my walking has increased my appetite has also opened up, at times I feel more hungry than usual but that’s because I am burning a lot more calories than I did a month ago when I went on my diet and exercise plan.


The other thing I noticed is that I am farting more robustly than before and that is maybe because of the boiled corn that I have been munching, the extra fiber and roughage have improved my bowel movement and the excess gas generated due to digestion is getting released as farts. I checked up on the net on this, farting is good and if you fart between 14 to 20 times a day it is a sign of a good digestive system and good health, there is nothing to be embarrassed about it. My grandfather was a master farter and farted with joy in front of everyone without a care, he went on to live till the age of 94, so I am happy that my digestive system has improved due to my daily exercise routine. So here is what I clocked at the end of the second month.


Week 5 : 9.2 km a day 

Week 6 : 10.1 km a day

Week 7 : 10.2 km a day

Week 8 : 9.7 km a day 

I have to decrease the amount of fiber I have in a day as fiber solidifies the stool and the increased farting blasts I have in a day. The other thing I can do is to drink a lot more water in the day to improve my digestion.