As I had said previously that I have now started running and that is giving me immense joy, I did another 10 miles today. Took some snaps while I ran on the tarmac-laden roads of Dehra Doon. Today was a big day in the state of Uttarakhand as the assembly election results were declared today the BJP won by a landslide. My walks take me across the BJP local office in the city situated at Balbir Road. There was a celebration going on as people burst firecrackers and drums were played the saffron brigade was out in full pop and glory. People danced as VVIP enters the gates of the party office. There were security personnel and black cat commandos all over the place escorting the cars that drove across the road. It was pandemonium as street urchins did the bhangra and the sky lit up with sparks of firecrackers.

The BJP is in power in the state and large cutouts of Modi droned the walls of the state office, the party has won four states out of five today and it was the big win in UP that has put the feather in the cap for its party workers.


I stopped to make a video and take some pictures, I wanted to soak in the celebrations for a while as I sipped water from my bottle the police gains pushed me to the side as caravans of one big politician after another drop into the large white gates of the BJP local office.


I have been spending about four hours a day just walking and doing yoga these days and I feel just fine. I hope to continue my routines till I hit my final goal which is yet very far off. I want to be 74 kg with a BMI of 25 by the time I finish and that will still take some time, but till then enjoy some pictures and videos of my exercise schedule.