Today I was very excited I had clocked over 14.5 km of brisk walking thought the tough up and down terrain of Rajpur Road . The most I have done so far over four and half hours of non stop walking . On the way I bumped into a young skate boarder how was skating through the road he was accompanied by a friend and was loving it . These guys where piping though the afternoon traffic and snaking through the busy road . Pushing the road with one leg as they balanced on the skate board that whizzed past bystanders and the traffic with ease . It was like cutting butter through a hot butter knife they where able to navigate and direct the traffic with ease . Although I was busy with my walk and enjoying the music and podcast on my I phone through my neatly plugged in earphones, I just had to stop to chat with. These guys and take their pictures . I even managed to take a video of the young lads go about with their wooden skates .

Today was fun as the air had a bit of nip in it and it’s as cold , had to be its mid-January in Dehra Doon and the temperatures fall to nearly 7 degrees in the night . My feet did hurt at times but I was able to cheer myself up with two large glasses of carrot and beetroot juice as I strolled up hill on the Rajpur and Sahastra Dhara road . The uphill walk was difficult but I regulated my breathing all the while when I would get thirsty I would stop over for a coconut water . To my dismay this coconut vendor was an amateur and took more then twenty minutes to chop up the coconut , he used all kinds of knives and choppers but still could not hack the nut. Finally he managed somehow to drill a hole in the damn thing and I was able to sip some coconut water . It is so important to stay hydrated when you are on a long walk and navigating busy traffic and roads .

It is best to enjoy the view as you walk and make sure you choose a hilly route the harder the climb the more calories you will burn its that simple .The addition of dry fruits goats cheese and fish gives me enough energy and fuel for these arduous adventures that I am on these days . As I aimlessly meander through the out skirts of the city . I am getting to see a new side of the city these days as I venture far and wide at either direction s I undertake my daily marathon walks .


My next target is to hit the 10 miles a day or 16.2 km a day power walking distance which will be coming anytime soon as I am only a few km away from hitting that mark . Their are so many temples in the way and I mange to catch on some prayer as I walk along with some food shopping as well . Align has really changed my life as I am able to shop for all the healthy stuff that I need , along with health foods and skin care products that I use regularly I am able to gaze and windows of showrooms for cloths or apparel that catch my fancy . I have not used a vehicle for over three months now and have no need to sue auto’s taxi’s and rickshaws even . Walking all the way to the passport office to renew my passport or just visiting the local hospital for a covid test . I walk upto to my local CA ’s office to get my tax papers , even if I have to visit the opticians for a change of lines or my dentist I walk all the way . Basically I have done a U turn and by avoiding any form of transport walking has become in integral part of my daily activity . It has became an integral part of my daily routine . If I have to buy fruits or vegetables from my local market i walk . The buzz of good much helps me concentrate on my steps and by breathing takes care of the rest .


That is why I am able to clock 12 plus kilometers of brisk walking day in day out and I have done it consistently for the last two months or so without a break-even on Sundays. Till then enjoy some of my pictures as I go through my daily walking routine .