I meet a very interesting man during my power walking session at the BHU, I managed to clock another 7 km today and was brisk. On the way, I saw a very tall but very wiry and thin man walking slowly on the footpath. He was very tall and thin looked more like a tall toothbrush or a pencil with an eraser head. I walked up to him and shook his hand asking him for a selfie and a photo. He turned around and peers at me from above with his huge glasses, he reminded me of a creature right out of the animation film Antz. “ What is your name sir .” I asked the tall thin creature,” Oh! I am Bhola Prasad, I am a student of Hindi and geography at the university. I am a student but my family live in Allahabad .” Bhola went on to strike a conversation with me as I took his photo trying to photograph his lanky frame. Bhola told me he was 6 feet 9 inches tall and weighed just 60 kilo’s.


Dressed in a very modest attire of a purple kurta and blue jeans he looked like a student alright with his canvass shoes, he was busy chatting to his fellow students and friends as I took his pictures. I tried to capture his lanky frame and his funny face especially with his black glasses that really made him look like an ant. The funniest picture is with the two of us straight out of Lambo Motu pr Antz and Obelix they pics are very funny and so was Bhola as he spoke to me when we walked together a few distances.” I will stay here in the university and become a teacher, that’s all I want to do right now I am twenty and there is no need for me to think of marriage,” Bhola went on to share with me his future plans. I enjoyed my brief interlude with a creature from outer space and moved ahead with my walking stopping at the juice stall for some coconut water and orange juice.


I continued my path even today walking through the city traffic to the university campus and making sure I had my mask on. When you are on the street or the market it is a must to have your mask on, I saw so many people coughing, spitting and sneezing on the street as I went on my way, some of them spat right next to me as I passed. The rickshaw drivers have this bad habit, I had to shout at one driver for spitting and even admonished a teenager who kept sneezing as I passed him by . We are not out of Corona so make sure you have your mask on when you step out of your house into the street. It is the festive months and one must not get complacent, it can get difficult to take deep breaths with the mask during power walking but you can lower it a bit after some time, I do that when I get into the BHU campus area.


It is tough as I finish seventeen days of my new diet shekel and power walking plan. I intend to weigh myself in another two weeks to judge the first set of results and if I have lost a significant amount of weight. Till then enjoy some pictures as I meander through the BHU campus every evening for over two hours.