Now that I have been clocking 20,000 steps a day which is 14 km or so. I have realized that a few things have helped me increase my timing and distance as I go through my walking routine throughout the day. Walking long distances can be done if you take it like meditation and like sitting meditation, one needs to focus on the breathe and coordinate your left and right steps with inhalation and exhalation. Focus on the breathing and the steps as you move forward in an upright posture. That way you will lose track of time and will be more focused on the walk itself not worrying all the time to check your I phone all the time to see how many km you have covered and how many more steps you need to take.

Make it a point to get an air pod and hands-free headphones so that you can listen to soothing spiritual music as all that way you will not get bored. Make it a point to walk on different routes and choose scenic locations like hills and mountains. The steep climb will help build your leg muscles and posture alike.


As you focus on the breath you will remain in the here and now and that’s what walking is being in the now just focused on the next step you need to take and the road ahead. I walk through busy traffic roads and then take the sidewalks or the narrow road to Rajpur and to the hills. I do distract myself by taking pictures and making videos on notes way but that is fun. My walks now expand to two hours forty-five minutes and I manage to grab a glass of carrot juice and even sit as a south Indian joint on the way to have a vada and smasher with filter coffee.


The music is fun as well and helps in passing time as 14 km is a long distance to walk. I don’t get blisters anymore and the foot cream from the body shop has helped in healing my feet and my ankle as they don’t pain anymore. I give credit to my Nike Air Pegasus shoes they have a lovely cushion and I am able to walk comfortably at times as if I am floating.


I am also able to shop and pick up vegetables and fruits on my way back and sip some coconut water. My Lunch and dinner are at home always, it’s got the evening snack and coffee that I have while I do my walking along with juice but that’s a must as even in winters I sweat and hydration is very important if one is walking long distances every day.


The other thing I that I have slowly added stomach crunches to my daily routine and will also add lunges shortly all this is done on my yoga mat which. I keep in the garden, with the help of my cook I am able to do sit-ups and will slowly increase the count as I go along.


You need to have fun on the way that the only way to pass the time but above all concentrate on your breathing as you stroll around the street, being all the time mindful of the traffic situation and the pavements. You might encounter dog shit in the morning but just hop over dog poo without a fuss. It’s better if you look ahead all the time so that you know where you are going you will need to navigate city traffic. If you don’t like busy roads wander into a park or a parade ground where you feel more alone and at ease away from the noise and the bustling traffic.