Yes ! I have finally cracked it 20,000 steps a day for the fourth consecutive day , if this does not burn my belly fat and double chin nothing will . It takes me more than four hours of brisk walking a day to achieve this goal approximately 14 km a day , luckily I have all the time in the world to do this . It does take up a very large chunk of my day and I do feel tired and my feet hurt at the end of the day . Even in my Nike pegasus sports shoes I get abrasion at the heel and the upper part of my feet . I use the peppermint foot cream to cool off my rashes and foot sores . This distance is great if you want to burn harmful belly fat that accumulates in and around the waist. I still have loads of it more than 15 kg of this unwanted ugly fat hanging from my body and the only way to get rid of it is by clocking these numbers week on week without fail. I you have not taken a single day off from my walking in the last 8 weeks .


I had said I will take the Sunday off as a rest day but my enthusiasm has taken me ahead and I have walked even on Sundays . Another advantage that I feel is a significant improvement in my bowl movement and I get a good night’s sleep as after my dinner and shower I feel exhausted by all the walking. The disadvantage is that I feel more hungry and need to snack late at night just to fulfilled my increased hunger pangs due to my daily exertions. I walk towards the hilly roads of Dehra  Doon which have a good climb upwards, this extra strain results in an increased appetite that I need to watch out for .

But 10 miles or 20000 steps plus is a goal worth achieving if you want to loose weight and loose it in good time especially from the girth .For me 10 miles a day brisk walk is like hitting the G spot , even in winters I work up a sweat and the hill walk strengthens my legs and calf muscles . I take breaks in the middle as I sit at my local Udupi joint to have a dosa or a idli with filter coffee . On the hill roads I have managed to be a friend of a vegetable and juice vendor who keeps me hydrated by serving me a carrot and beetroot juice with sliced ginger and alma in it . I took some pictures sipping the exotic vegetable juice , the red juice dripping from my lips makes me look like a vampire. The juice break , snack breaks and water breaks  helps me walk for longer durations I am walking for 4 hours plus nowadays and the only way to do it in one shot is to have these breaks in the middle .After all it is more then a half marathon one is walking .


The vegetable juice that I have helps my digestion and gives me stamina for the days walks and my fluffy shock-absorbing Nike shoes keep me stable on wonky tarmac roads and broken footpaths. The music from my I phone keeps me busy as I loose myself and sometimes can’t even feel the time that passes by. I feel I can do this for a few more weeks and I will definitely have a slimmer waist by the end of this routine.


Till then enjoy the pictures of my vegetable juice vendor and the hilly roads I am marching on these days .


If my walking attire compared have three new pairs of track bottoms and three sweat-absorbing t-shirts from Wrong the brand. My running shoes are my two pairs of Nike one with a shock-absorbing sole and the other with a taller ankle grip that keeps my ankles snug and protected. It is almost the new year and the winter has truly set in. It is cold and I have my three pairs of warm uppers and sports jackets that keep the cold bay and keep me warm as I trek on the hilly mountain roads. I carry a small bottle of water to keep my mouth wet and not get parched. That’s all I need to do my 20,000 steps. The effort is releasing efficient hormones in my body that are atet are making my skin glow as the sweat is cellaring my pores and my rhythmic breathing is improving my lung power and capacity.


My skin has benefited a lot and I use moisturizing cream so that it does not dry up in the winter. I also make sure not to forget my COVID mask when I begin my walks but most of the time it is just hanging under my mouth as I feel restricted at times when I am wearing it.