It is the end of weak nine and I have clocked another 9.6 km per day of power walking this week . Now that my feet don’t ache anymore as they used to and my foot cream has papered up all the cracks and blisters . My walking is more assured and firm , I definitely feel lighter and do not have to strain myself as much , my shins don’t pain as I finish my walk and my body had gotten stronger , it has been over two months since I started my Fat to Fit diet and exercise program . I have also added a new exercise to my schedule and have put my yoga mat to good use . I do twenty stomach crunches every day and will soon add lunges and suit ups to my routine as well .


I have cut down on the boiled corn and added dates to my food plan , dinner and lunch are three thin rot’s , two bowls of dal and one small bowl of green vegetables. The same I repeat for dinner as well along with lemon and honey water .

I divide my power walking once after lunch at around 2:00 pm , I walk around 3 km and then I do my second schedule which is in the late evening at around 7: 00 pm in the evening schedule I do more then 7 km so that I am able to maintain my weekly average of 10 km a day .That is over 15000 brisk steps a day of power walking along with hydration of mineral water and lemon juice .


Today while I was doing my afternoon walk I bumped into two aghodi baba’s walking the street one of them was chasing a man trying to tell him his future and take some money from him for his blessings .I stopped for a while and took their pictures as they looked fearsome as they strolled the streets . “ Tu bata bachcha kya Chahta hai tu mujhse .”  Gora baba asked me .” Mein ek ladki se Prem karta hun par wo mujhse prem nahi karti hai , mein use pana Chahta hun .” I told the baba . He looked at me and then held me by the hand and dragged me to one corner of the road .” Mien uspar mantra kar dunga aur jaap karke usee tere vash mein leaunga .” The baba clapped his hands and closed his eyes as he recited a tantrik mantra . Then he took a fist full of grey ask and put it on my palm .” Ise pocket mein dal le , aur apni jeeb mein jitne bade note hei mujehy de de .” He smiled as he started two eagle with me . I had a bundel of Rs 500 notes may be about five thousand in all . I was hesitant to give them to him , I first took out two notes and gave it to him .” Bas baba aur nahi aur nahi baki shopping ke liye hein .” I told the baba , I was reluctant to hand him all the notes . He however was haggling me for more .” Do hazar ka Bhandara aur dann karna pade ga , saarey note muggy de de .” The baba said in a booming voice  .” Itna bada admi hei tu baba par vishwaas kar .” He went on to retire the mantra and then took my mobile phone in which I had googled Anupriya Goenka’s photographs .” Yeh ! Hei wo ladki , yeh tho actress hei bahut khoobsoorat hei , Iske liye tho tu Poora note ka bundle mujhy de de .” The baba took the entire bundle of Rs 500 notes from my hands , he literally snatched it from me all five thousands rupees in all . Then he asked me to close my eyes and touch the bundle with my forehand and then he took the money in both his hands and placed it over my head . “ Poora paisa mat lo baba itna nhi de sakta .” I said realising I would loose all my money today .” Arrey yeh le meri mala aur is par meine jaap Kiya hei , is mala ko apni bistar ke neechey rakh dena , bahut jaldi wo ladki teri ho jayegi .” The baba was happy with all the money that he had fleeced from me in return of casting a spell on Anupriya Goenka for me .


“ Agar yeh ! Ladki tujhey mil jaye tho mujhy yard Karna mein yahi is sadak par tujhey milunga saying that he put a large Mala made of playacting skulls into my hand and walked away in haste before I could realise that I had given him all my money and had only a hundred rupee note left in my pocket .


I continued with my walk and bought a basket of dates on my way back happy in the thought that if the baba’s spell works i might finally get Anupriya one day .