While doing my daily diet plan I came across some amazing fat-busting foods that help in weight loss as well. First, is boiled corn cob that is high in fiber and helps tremendously indigestion, it also gives you a feeling of fullness, so you don’t feel very hungry between meals. I  have one boiled corn cob every day.

Strawberries are another fat-busting diet fruit and low in calories, they are very good antioxidants as well. Walnuts one should have a fist full of them every alternative day, they absorb excess water in the system are high in fiber, also help in digestion, and are great for the skin. Eating walnuts is a sure-shot way of making your skin glow and you will feel radiant throughout the day.

Avocado is another fruit to be enjoyed they have more calories than strawberries and have useful fatty acids and amino acids that will help in cutting excess fat they are also very good for the blood and can reduce blood pressure again this is a fruit full of antioxidants.

Since I have no soft drinks, energy drinks, or alcohol, the only liquid I binge on is fresh-made juice freshly made from local; juice shops. I have enjoyed orange and pinnacle juice sometimes mixed with anar. Nowadays I enjoy having coconut juice and fresh vegetable juice of carrot, beetroot, alma, and ginger that is very nourishing and keeps me full while I go about my power walking.

Throughout the day I have loads of lemon honey water during and after meals and also have two tee spoons of honey the night before going to bed. The lemon cuts fats tremendously and is full of vitamin c, it keeps the body hydrated as well so that I am able to sweat during my power walks.

I have no sweets, cakes, pastries, laddoos also when I feel like having something sweet I enjoy a plate full of dates and even munch on a raw apple from time to time that keeps my sweet pangs at bay.


Dinner and lunch is 2 Rotis only and a large bowl of dal or rajma with two bowls of boiled piece or bhindi aloo. All this is cooked in zero oil with no fat at all, home-cooked stuff. I do take a small Katori of curd after finishing my lunch and dinner.


So as can be seen there is no fast food processed food red meat or cooked gravy meat. No fried stuff and no sugar at all in my meals. I have given up totally on rice and red meat. I do enjoy fish but only salmon and I have it once or twice a month just to treat myself.


My diet focuses on fresh fruit, vegetables, curd, dal, roti, and juices of all types freshly made.


This coupled with a daily walk of 10 km plus for over two and a half hours gives me enough exercise for the day. I am able to burn up to 700 calories in by my walking as I take no beaks from walking even on a Sunday.


Till then enjoy my pictures …..