Since I started on my diet schedule eleven weeks back I have steadily begun to enjoy the joys of vegetarianism and power foods. Some power foods that I indulge myself these days regularly are avocado, berries both strawberry and blueberry, greens like palak and methi, boiled corn cobs. I also enjoy munching on nuts like peanuts and walnuts. Walnuts are especially good for the skin and are full of fiber. Avocado has helpful fatty acids that help in reducing clots in the heart and reduce your chances of a heart attack.

Eggs are another form of power food that I enjoy I have a couple of eggs a week with brown bred with no butter or oil.


Pulses are another great and rich source of vitamins and minerals and I binge on dal both yellow and black dal along with rajma and chola. Pees and bhindi are other of my favorites in green that I enjoy having for lunch and dinner.


I have also discovered how important it is to stay hydrated especially if you are living a very active life and walking more than 12 km a day. I Make sure I get that distance in every day even if I have to break my walks into three walks a day.


The other thing that helps in reducing weight and body fat is green tea. I will be exploring its wonders soon, green tea is very good for cutting fat and losing weight.


I have no nonveg food at all except once in a while I enjoy cooked salmon with sweet potatoes and greens. That is the only non-veg I have allowed myself to have. I inset to all that one should move towards a vegetarian and fruit juice diet. You can also try beetroot and carrot juice if you wish it will make you feel full during the day and help you in your exercise regime as well.


Next week I will begin to incorporate yoga and lunges into my exercise shell as well which would help me further tone up.


As of today, I have lost a whole 6 kilos since I began this new diet and exercise schedule. I feel light and invigorated, now I am able to walk long distances with greater speed and ease than I used to before. I am just loving it!