I have lost more than eight kilo’s now its been 20 weeks of my fitness regime and I am loving it. I keep taking a peek at my mobile phone app from time to time I have been averaging now 15 km for the last two weeks and it feels great. My breathing has changed completely I am able to breathe more easily and it’s getting easier for me to put on my socks and shoes when I was obese It would take me ages to get my shoes on. I move more freely and with ease climbing stairs or just walking up a hill its a cakewalk now, there is no strain on the body or any shortness of breath, I have even started jogging now and run for two to three. Minutes before I stop and jog again.


I never realized that one day I would become, a fitness enthusiast, I have never been a fitness freak and although I use to go to the gym once in a while I was never into bodybuilding protein shakes or just jogging. My fitness was more like a walk in the park or around the street corner that was fitness for me though the last ten odd years I have been obese or overweight that’s more than 20% of my life span. Now, this eight-kilo reduction makes me feel so light as if I am someone new. My aim is to keep losing my fat till I start looking like the guy I used to be more than a decade back. Somehow I feel losing with and transforming my body will take me back ten years when I was in my early thirties and had just arrived in Mumbai city to become an acorn I want to be that Anuj Tikku who did the famous shock Laga Laga ad, That is my aim for getting into fitness.

I stand in front of the mirror just looking at myself and see my belly shrinking month on month it had taken 20 weeks but then any transformation that has to happen will take some time and I am willing to be patient. These few kilos of weight loss month on a month give me the motivation to keep doing till I hit my goal and who knows when I hit my weight loss goals I might still not stop and want to keep going on.


I could never realize that one-day fitness could become my drug but it has today, When I am out for my brisk walk and jogs I feel elated and feeling of well-being and upliftment. They say special hormones are released in the body called endorphins. Endorphin interacts with the brain neurons makes you feel light and uplift your mood they are high much like dopamine which is released when you smoke pot. Now I get that same high when I jog or do my yoga mat exercise. I have just replaced one high with another high. It’s funny really dope is banned and frowned upon by society but it releases the same hormones in the body when you exercise or jog. It’s the same high one society says is bad for you and the other is good for you, but at the end of the day, they do something to your brain. Now fitness cycling and yoga mat exercises are my new high. I never imagined ever In my life that I would become a fitness lover one day but I have now.