I am now in the sixth week of my fat to fit schedule and diet schedule. I averaged 9.1 km in my fifth week of power walking. The vigorous power walks on the rough pavements and tarmac roads of Dehra Doon have taken their toll as I have started developing huge blisters on my feet. So I decided to buy a new pair of shoes with high ankles Nike that was the brand I went for. But to cope with blisters I had gone to the medicine shop again they suggested antiseptic powder and creams that I was asked to apply on my feet as my blisters had started tourist and thus the skin on my feet was peeling off.

As they say no pain no gain, thus it is imperative for me to cross the pain barrier and go through this pain that I feel in my legs and at times in my back. To correct that I will focus more on my walking posture and the way I take my steps on the road. Till then some snaps of my sore feet ..