My Karnataka Travels have started slowly but now it seems to be picking up some pace , I am headed fro Mysore and just got a call from Sonu a friend of Ravi’s my taxi for Hubli will be ready tomorrow by twelve noon and my hotel in Mysore is all Booked .I did enjoy filming the underground Shiva temple it had a water pond a stone Nandi statue  at the entrance itself .Their was an introduction video I shot with Ravi as we strolled around the place the boys busy with their banter .

It did take me some time to get into the travelling scene after all this was my first serious travel destination for over three years , due to Corona I had halted my travels completely . But now after a few lazy days I am getting back to my groove . It is important to pay attention to detail and things when you are site seeing . I think the more I focused on what was in-front of it the more involved I felt and the more enthused I felt .

A ruined city of multicolored stone and rock it did transport my mind to an era gone by , this place was a living civilization once now its just a ghost time washed away by time and age .For the locals this bustling tourist spot is great for business . Hampi also makes a lot of money through its bustling agriculture , it has the best water in the state and their are fields that get ample irrigation and water all through out the year , farmers can grow double crops and reap rich harvest on their cash crops which are much in demand . Hampi has good quality water and flowing streams .

“ The hotel business coupled with an eatery and guest house will do very well here , I am planning to buy a restaurant here I think there is good business there are so many tourists who come to this city , after all Hampi is a UNESCO protected site .” Ravi further informed me .

One has to take an entrance ticket to go into some of the sites but the rates are nominal it is not a very expensive city and a perfect place for a low budget back packer .

The Tungabhadra river around which this civilization once flourished and Hampi was built around this river which flows through this ancient land .  I did send sometime gazing at the river its current strong and bold it was a sight to behold .

With a heavy hair I bid farewell to this great city which bears testimony to a great civilization and Dynasty of the past . Seemed in the flavors of South the city and its people very glee fully welcome travelers from all over the world .