The “Baba ka Dhaba” story which saw different unexpected developments and has caught the consideration of individuals since it surfaced last year at long last took a positive turn today. The food blogger liable for making “Baba Ka Dhaba” an overnight hit has imparted a cheerful picture to the old couple who had in past blamed him for cheating cash gave by individuals.

“Everything is great that closures well,” tweeted Gaurav Wasan – whose video highlighting the battle of the old couple had prompted gifts and enormous footfall at the unassuming restaurant – close by the photograph.

This comes after a conciliatory sentiment by Kanta Prasad – the proprietor of the dhaba. In a video shared by another food blogger, Mr Prasad, with collapsed hands, can be heard saying, “Gaurav Wasan was not a cheat. We never considered him a cheat”.

A year prior, many individuals lined up external the restaurant in south Delhi after the video, in which ”Baba Ka Dhaba” proprietor mournfully discussed the deficiency of business because of the pandemic, became a web sensation. The proprietor likewise got liberal gifts from the nation over.

The philanthropic signal by the blogger, nonetheless, transformed into an enormous debate after Mr Prasad blamed him for monetary misappropriation. The online media influencer denied the accuses and guarded himself of his bank proclamations.

“The individual who excuses is a greater individual than who commits an error – That is the thing that my folks have shown me,” said Mr Wasan in his most recent tweet in Hindi.

After his freshly discovered riches, the 80-year-old dispatched an eatery in a similar territory of Malviya Nagar where he ran his stand for a very long time. Be that as it may, he is once again at his food slow down now after his new pursuit neglected to take off.

“On a speculation of ₹ 1 lakh, we just procured ₹ 35,000, that is the reason we shut it. I’m glad running my old diner as the client footfall is acceptable here,” he was cited as saying by news organization ANI.