Tesla Chief Elon Musk is of the assessment that the Earth is encountering a “Populace Breakdown” and that people need to multiply more to take life to Mars. Musk said that in an answer to a Twitter handle of Tesla’s fan club – Tesla Proprietors of the East Sound – what shared a question identified with the declining populace.

Musk, who is a dad of seven children, said that he is attempting to set a genuine model. “Populace breakdown is a lot more serious issue than individuals acknowledge and that is only for Earth,” he added.

Elon Musk further said that Mars needs people, and the best approach to save mankind is to make it a multi-planetary animal categories that lives both on the home planet, and Mars.

“Mars has an extraordinary requirement for individuals, seeing as populace is right now zero. People are the overseers of other life on Earth. Allow us to carry life to Mars!,” he said.

Elon Musk-claimed SpaceX is creating Starship to dispatch payload and individuals on missions to the moon and Mars.