I have discovered the joy of running recently as part of my new Fitness regime I have taken my weight loss program to another level. After my initial weight loss of 8 kgs, I hit a plateau and did not lose weight for six weeks. I decided that I had to add some vigorous exercise to my fitness routine so I started running. The campus of BHU is large and quiet in the evenings and early mornings and I decided to run then. It was difficult at first I would get tired and pant I also bought a new pair of running shoes that would be more supportive as running is a strenuous activity. I even bought a new watch to time my runs and calories burnt along with doing an ECG, oxygen check, and BPM   after my running sessions. I managed to watch a lot of running and training videos that gave me enough knowledge about how best to run and do stretches to avoid any injury.

The first few weeks I got two dark blisters on my right toe and one long gash on my left foot. I also got a couple of busted toenails and my ankles would hurt like hell. The first few weeks were painful as the running would make me sweat and my entire track bottom would get wet as if I was running in the rain I would be soaked from head to toe after just an hour. I decided to follow the one-by-ten rule while doing my runs. This means I started with stretching and brisk walking for one kilometer after which I would run for a minute, I would then stop and walk for another one kilometer and then run again for a minute. I kept doing it over and over in one evening session of two hours I was able to run for 10 minutes each day so for every 10 km of brisk walking I manage 1 km of running every day and I have been doing it for over six weeks now. I feel much better now as my stamina has improved. My pores have opened up due to sweating and my skin is brighter and shines and glows. I get deep sleep for over eight hours and my work productivity has increased by almost fifty percent. I can write without losing concentration for longer hours now and just finished writing three thousand words in a single session yesterday.

In the last month, I have done more than 200 minutes of running.  The result is that my body has developed a shape and has tightened up the obese layers of flab on my chest and stomach area have vanished my chest is firmer and my stomach looks firmer too. My legs have become stronger and so have my calf muscles and ankle area. I can cover more distance in less time than I used to when I started, I would cover 5 km in one hour now I can do 6.3 km in one hour. So my speed has increased due to stamina and practice. I feel lighter at home and more flexible I also do a lot of light stretching in my room when I am alone.


I have not weighed myself since I started running but I am sure I am just a kilo or two away from jumping out of the obesity category to the overweight category. Running has taken my fitness journey to the next level and I hope to lose another ten kilos of flab in the coming six months to reach my final goal.