Celebrated the taste of being in the Maximum city with my mate Ashish and he took me to the perfect spot to have late dinner. Yes! The JIMIS BURGER joint, in Lokhandwala that is where we were headed there for a tasty beef burger and the taste of icy cool Mojito made from fresh orange, my buddy had a lime crush both very tangy and exotic. We spent a long time just photographing our colorful drinks, of orange and purple colors like two school kids. Ashish with his round word plastic glasses looked like a character from a Tim Burton film, now that is his own admission. I think he is more. Like a being from the Tin Tin comics. I took some of my own selfies and was mazed to see how fat and bloated I have become over time, my tummy really falls off and I look now a cross between a Bear and a Kangaroo. Add to that my grey undid and ruffled hairstyle, which is coarse and crooked. I bought some new T-shirts today and they kind of stick to my body making my tummy really stand out. What’s more, I had arrived in a premier American burger joint to stuff my self on a greasy, cheesy beef burger with bun and well-done stake, hand cooked and tossed on a flame grill, pink and red from the inside, smoky and charred brown from the outside. This with tomato sauce and mustard was the main course from both of us.

I forgot to take pictures of I burgers and bun, but did take some snaps of our finished plates after we had had our feast.” If I need to act I have to lose weight, but with the way, I just hogged up the burger I thin losing weight is a distant dream for me.” I told Ashish as I took a deep swing from my icy cool orange drink. There were raw orange slices inside the drink and I squeezed the raw juice out of them which feel into the tangy drink.

“You are lucky you are here in Mumbai at least you get to walk around and are active with your meetings and books, in Delhi, you would be in bed all day and all week just eating and smoking and talking to yourself.’ Ashish lamented at the state of affairs.

“But you see no matter what or who you aspire to be, you will always be yourself, that is a constant and will never change your situation can change but you will lawyers be you, So Tehri is no point wanting to be someone else because that will never happen. The aspiration that’ all an ego game.” I delved into a bit of Philosophy which my learned friend was trying to absorb.’ Yes but that’s a very deep analysis of the whole ego business most people will not be able to grasp that much of a meaning.” Ashish seems impressed. I dived the topic by looking at the menu near my plate and ordered dessert chocolate brownie with ice cream. It was huge and came in a huge brass bowl hot and cold at the same time. I shared it with any dinner buddy, yum yum! What a treat. After a long time a hearty meal and a delightful experience. The inside decor was very American with images and paintings of burgers on the wall the lighting was low and the seating was very comfortable with leather cushions. The staff was curious and helpful, out of all food came on time and the portions were like in America, huge king size.

So if you are single, have a date or just with family and friend do try Jimi’s Burger joint for a complete scrumptious lunch or dinner affair. One of my favorites and I recommend it to all.