I have been listening to OSHO for the past few days in youtube.com and I could not stop to wonder the power and magic of words either spoken, written, sung or just said. Each word, couplet, and the sonnet is a vibration of energy, which emanates from the originator. The words carry energy packets, vibrations in the air, meaning, words and even pictures and animations along with them. It is for the listener or receiver to make meaning out of them. The more you focus and the more you concentrate on what is said the more substance you will derive from the words. The more intensely I listened to old masters more I got to know the real meaning of what they were saying or what the message for their stories where.

One needs to then learn about the art of dancing with words, a sort of synergetic intermingling of the listener and the transmitter. Where both are in tune harmony will be created and a deeper meaning will emerge. It’s like looking at a painting at first glance nothing makes sense, it’s all meaningless, paints and colors. But at deeper observation, the painting will come alive and show its true meaning all objects will make sense and the story hidden in the picture will become apparent.

It’s something I am beginning to realize as I go ahead in my writing journey, dancing with words. As I tap away on the keyboard of my laptop, it feels like I am pressing the keys on a piano or doing tap dance with my toe. Each word I type comes out of the soul like a rocket and as a great American writer said,” If each word you write does not come out of your soul like a rocket don’t do it, don’t write, write only when it’s bursting out of you .” Yes, that man was good old Charles Bukowski and he did give us some great work.

Rhythm needs to be established and maintained unbroken so that the juice of what you want to say is laid bare.

The more pictures and images your words can create the deeper they will take the reader into your own imaginary world and then engrossed he will be with what you have to say.

So just write write write and get engrossed with words.