Dab’s the owner of my new found eatery the Chef Story is my new found friend in the city, his joint serving Kebab’s, Fish, prawn and chicken curry is my haunt. I love food and during lockdown I have begun to enjoy it even more, it helps me pass time. I mean if you divide your day into four meals, one is engaged all the time. You plan what you want to eat, decide on the menu, scout out for the right place to buy your meal, budget for it and then buy it not to mention the task of eating the meal, chewing it and relishing it bit by bit. I like my food and I know good food from horrible food having travelled the world I have eaten all kinds of stuff and am very comfortable with local cuisine and food stuff. I have written a whole book called Travel Bawarchi on food and restaurants around the world.

I did a review of my Buddy Dab’s food joint and return got a xxl grey colour fabulous T shirt as well, along with discounted food for promoting his outlet, I mean that’s all I wanted any ways. Dab’s is a body builder and hits the gym as part of his routine every day, he spends a few hours at the gym. But he is absent minded most of the time just like me,” You know I am so zonked these days, it didn’t matter to me that I walked into the gym with my torn track pants, one lady pointed it out.” He said with a lost boy look. “ I am even worse man I wore my half pant to the court the other day they chased me out and asked me to come in my track pants or trousers, protocol I hate it, I mean why can’t people let guys like us be, you know we are the ramta yogi’s.” I explained what I felt about being a lost zen monk in this world.

People think I am crazy and I think the world is crazy as well, it is all a matter of individual perception that’s all.” You need to cut the oil in your chicken and get the mutton more soft I hat ether mutton your chef cooked the other day.” I admonished Dab’s now that I have become a regular, I thought I had a right to tell him that some of his food sucks.” You make a website for me, I will pay you help me promote this place.” Dab’s wanted some blogger and tech advice which I was happy to give to him at a price off course.

Chaar Bangla has been my abode for a while and it seems it is the most heavily patrolled area of the city, ether there are police vans or jeeps everywhere. People our poor and local Marathi Manus. Dab’s has vision of making his Dhaba work it has been over three months but he is yet to take success. His favourite pass times seems to be video chatting with his many internet friends from Korea and Japan on his multi media phone and flexing his muscles in his black T shirt and black track bottom. He looks to be in his mid forties but his face is win led and with a toothy smile he looks more like fifty to me.

I pick up cans of coke and chocolate from the local Kirana shop to go with my meals. Occasionally I venture into the small sweet shop at the far end of the street to buy some barfi and Jalebi. It makes for a great evening snack especially if there is samosa and bhel to go with also. I fellow writer friend keeps me company and helps me develop some stories from time to time. All in all I am having a good writing period, with the weight of the courts lifted from my head I feel more at ease. I do keep in touch with my lawyer Jeetu in the hope of getting my laptop and I phone from the courts and still wait for Rashmi Sharma productions to call up and buy my book and seal the deal with me finally. On the phone with Grand Mother I do get a bit nostalgic as she yearns to see me again, but work and priorities become me as I have an extended stay in the city of dreams.

“ Sir don’t take any tension, enjoy life.” A member of the hotel staff told me as I stood out on the road to smoke a cigarette.” No no I am not tense this is life it moves on, no tension no struggle no life, There has to be honest struggle in life to keep things going and for all of us to progress.” I remarked. The night descends on me again as I wait a new dawn and with hope to meet new friends and over come some new obstacles and challenges as I march towards my goal with single minded determination.