Cyber Bullying is becoming the norm in the digital world, now that we interact with each other with videos and electronic messages, Cyber Bullying or Trolling has become the norm. I myself got into a little soup a few months back with my semi-nude videos asking a prominent and very talented actress to do a lead role in my web-series and was fined also asked to apologize to the lady which I duly did. I saw some articles of an actress spewing venom of Anurag Kashyap for hounding her and making inappropriate moves I saw a Punjabi Actress called Mandy Thakkar who once lived with me as a paying guest in my Flat at Samarth Angan Mumbai. Mandy no doubt was then and still is a very attractive girl and I am sure many guys have lustful dreams about her. So guys stay up all night making morphed video’s of her and circulate it around the net.They can’t help it its love however cheap it might be or sound. I know it can be a bit irritating for the ladies, but somewhere deep down they enjoy the attention no matter in what form it comes.

Mandy has also reported her viral videos to the crime branch I am sure she got the guys to say sorry to her. She took me to the cops also once, but then this is a very delicate line. I mean look at it from the guys perspective sometimes they may mistake certain moves of the woman and make their move too early in that case they miss out for being cheap and animalistic, at times they hesitate and make their moves too late again they miss out. In Mandy’s case, she walked up to my room and asked me to zip up her Kurti Button a standard move from a woman if she wants to give the man a come-on the signal. In Anupriya’s case, she was ready to show me her beautiful breasts and said they were plump. Now how are men suppose to react and behave when confronted with this kind of seduction from the ladies, it can be difficult to resist and that thin line from being a gentleman to a cheapskate gets crossed.

In this day and age cyber bullying is just an outlet to vent out frustrations both for guys and for girls . I think if done with some humor and lots of honesty something smart and creative can  come out. I hounded Anupriya Goenka for two years the net result was a song and a book full of prose and poetry which are both now selling online and making money for me. If one is smart and understands the cyberbully they can actually end up being great creative collaborators. Making videos of someone you admire if done with finesse and class might just produce something worthwhile and sale able. My Cyber Bullying off Anupriya Goenka resulted in a lot of content generation that people are now paying for.

I would rather have people vent out on viral videos than smash each other in the gut or get into fistfights If done with humor and a pure song in the heart Cyber Bullying can be melodious. Guys, you don’t have much to lose you will pay a little fine and have to say sorry at the end but if you make some good content that sells it all evens out in the end. Being infatuated with someone you can only aspire to get is normal especially at a young age. Anyways all laws are made for women and so should they be, they deserve all the protection at all times.