As you begin to build your screenplay , the time is also ripe to start building ancillary content around your web-series. This is supportive content that will build around your primary content which is Episodic . This includes The Making of the web-series, you will capture key moments around the shooting , interesting Tit Bits , fun and humour between actors , actor interviews as to how their character is built , what they enjoy about the story and how they got the part in the web-series ,what was their favourite dialogue or situation , how did they get along with others on the shoot etc .

You can also start building ancillary content around the casting of the web-series , have the cast do Character Introduction Promotions where each character introduces himself as part of a Promo . This will create some buzz even before the shooting of the web-series starts . The writer can write 2 min short lines which each character says to introduce his or her character .These can be shared in advance with your blog audience to create a buzz . You can also launch a actor hunt with a Radio station or a TV channel to create a buzz here the viewers can audition from their phones and send the auditions to a central number .

Location hunting and making of the set can also be made into ancillary content , basically try and create as much buzz as you can in advance . In my case I launched the book first online and all the big actors I meet for a role I took snaps with them with my book which I posted online that gave a positive feedback of my book which is bound to rub off on the web-series itself .

Think of contests and promotion ideas that you can give to brands , so that it increases your chances of selling the web-series in advance . The better the ideas you give them to integrate their brand with the web-series the better the thing will turn out to be .