It is going to the end of the third lockdown almost 57 days of continuous lockdown in India and we are now headed to the fourth lockdown where some restrictions and business will be opened up. The roads have more private traffic nowadays and you can see more people move about the city in half-empty buses. I have become friends with a PCO and Photocopy shop owner who supplies me with cigarettes in the morning. The home delivery of Mac Donald’s is a bit inconsistent at times but they deliver their fresh and hot burgers to me too much on in the afternoons. That keeps me going for a while. Our hotel was also under the contamination zone and we have been quarantined till the 19th of the month. There are policemen at all times outside the hotel gate making sure no one goes out or comes in. He also sees to it that everyone is wearing a mask.

It will be some time since flights and airports start but there are some trains and services going on to take stranded workers to their homes. It seems everyone is in favor of removing restrictions slowly in a phased manner and it may be till July that we can see train and air services resume fully at-least.

The post corona world will be different, with guidelines of social distancing in place everyone and every business will have to accommodate that feature in there seating arrangements, how they deal with customers, hygiene lots of things will have to be thought through.

I will be shifted to my third hotel Novotel till then let us hope things get better for all of us.