Eat On food joint and its tasty biryani has done wonders for me. Not to mention the co-promotion activity I am doing there with the launch of I also intend to do an Ek Ka Dum collection drive outside the restaurant. It is a huge youth hangout joint and the biriyani joint is full at all times during the day so much that there is a separate room where customers can eat and wash up.

Mr Naffees is a real son of the soil for a man who used to sweep the street of the nearby market. He is today the proud owner of Eat On Biryani, the go-to joint for the most scrumptious biriyani in Prayag. I have been doing his promotion on my blog taking videos and interviews of him and asking him more about his venture.

He started serving biryani, which was made by his wife in the home kitchen. Soon, the business grew. He does home delivery through Swiggy app and has a team of dozen people with a bouncer who keeps trouble at bay. The business is roaring and is a cash-only business like most good biryani and mutton joints.

Naffees used to sell kebabs and mutton curry also but he has kept the items at a back burner, as it is the biryani that all the customers want. At Rs 110 per plate, it is a steal and one can easily stand and enjoy their lunch with onions and chutney while sipping coke brought from the nearby store.

However, the thing that struck me the most was Mr. Naffees’ humility and how humble he was above all. He truly respected the religiousness of Prayag. “You see, sir, I am the only Muslim food joint owner who shuts up shop on Tuesdays, Navratris and on all the other Hindu religious festivals. No other Muslim business owner in Prayag does that. I respect my county and the Hindu faith and that is how I show my respect for this great country which has given me so much.” I was amazed that he was so respectful to his fellow Hindu brothers and it concerned him so much. It is great that he stands as the beacon of a model Musalman of Prayag and of India itself. Hats off to his food joint EAT ON and hats off to you Mr. Naffees, you truly are Prayag Ka Mohammad.

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