As the task of building a screenplay for your web-series begins , one needs to start thinking about casting . When the first screenplay is locked you will get to know the number of characters that you need to cast for . I have chosen to have three sets of Characters .

Main Leads : The Hero , Heroine and the third love interest as it were . These guys define the backbone of the story .

Primary Characters : A few more important characters , like the villain or the. best friends or the comedian . They will get the major share of the attention and these characters will get the plot moving its the tension and interplay of these characters that will keep the story moving and situations building.

Secondary Characters : These will not be as important but will come in and out of the story . They will build the entire scene but the plot will not revolve around these guys . So thus they will not be the backbone of the story .

Crowd : These are guys with almost no dialogues but do play an important part in building the acetic and backdrop of the story .

One should try and cast a mix of real people , good theatre actors and a few known faces with either Television or film experience .This is the strategy I am using . Casting directors can do the casting for you but you must be careful because these guys push only their favourite actors because they make a cut on the commission from the actor as well as from you . To avoid the extra cost you can ask people on your own or just venture into NSD or other theatre groups and cast people .

Auditions :
After seeing the photographs one can send the screenplay and dialogues to the actor and get an audition through the mobile phone . That is the easiest and quickest way to get auditions and see the performance of the actor as to how he will be able to perform and do the scene . Final selection will depend on how the actor looks in terms of physical structure , how photogenic he or she is and how they are able to perform the scene auditioned for . Keep it as natural as one can .You can cut cost by taking mobile auditions , no need for studio camera set up etc . The prospects can do their auditions themselves .