I was suddenly woken up from my late night slumber by a buzz on my a mobile phone , yes you guessed it this is my friend Ashish’s phone I am currently using and it has a irritating tone that kind of slaps you out of bed to attention .” Chabra casting sir , need your audition ,you will play a doctors role more then ten days work shoot in Mumbai , the director wants to see you in full action , you mail the video to me when you finish .” He gave me clear instruction on the phone and urged that I obey . I was up and about and it was way passed the afternoon , on the phone to my blog team trying to get my book launched on amazon.com . Their was a air of excitement when I shot the video , if I get the part it would be fun , one needs to keep working , I am understanding this only now as I get older and wiser .This was my days casting call and a new hop I might get to act again .

The rest of the day went in getting my books published and contemplating on the new corona virus strand that has just caused havoc in UK. The service of the hotel staff is amazing I have been keeping rough dry long hair all the time , so a staff handed to a bag full of coconut hair oil to oil my hair with since they looked very dry .The stay at the Marriott has done wonders for my health although I have but on weight my skin glows and looks much younger then usual , I feel a sense of vitality and light headedness and the food keeps me fit and my mind ticking , not to mention my daily meditations .A laptop and a phone with some peace that’s all I want and that’s all I ever will want .

I have managed to dodge the virus so far and my end of year corona test was negative I am virus free for sure through a valid  test . Other’s seem to be ding from it around the globe . Then we have the mid night curfews that have been announced in Mumbai and all air traffic has been shut from Britain .For me it was an eventful year I got a new friend in Fixer , I did manage to hunt down a hair band to tie a pony tail with my hair .

Mumbai still keeps pulling me only if I can get some work and get going ..