4th  April 2020

It’s early rising for me and I stuck to my Corona routine of long mediation, some exercise, and then an even longer bath, all this ate a very leisurely pace. The air from my window was fresh today, I guess there was no spraying activity done today. I am told small shops and vegetable vendors only come out to sell in the mornings after that people goo back to their homes. Here in Mumbai lack down in complete and through only a few bikes on the street atet to only in the morning to get bread and milk and everyone were wearing masks.

The morning Azaan is something of a ritual I am getting used to in my current hotel, hearing it at its loudest. “ It’s the Muslims they are spitting on the notes and harassing our doctors and nurses, they don’t listen to anyone have caused the virus to spread .” My grandmother informed me in the morning as I had my breakfast of lime juice and sweet buns. I could still hear the chirping sounds of birds as I zipped through some videos on youtube.com and realized that the virus had killed over 10,000 people in the US .” We’ll at least out death tole is still moderate and the lockdown has been effective .” I told my grandmother. But the virus had already taken religious overtones in India.The mask and sanitation help but I am busy keeping my immunity at the tops, so lots of lime juice and grapes along with an Ayurvedic herbal medicine to fight cold and cough. It’s called Sudarshan Ganvati and it’s manufactured by Zandu Pharmacy.

Most people feel helpless and in detention due to the lockdown, it’s an uneasy feeling like being trapped or punished. All of a sudden your mobility is restricted you are not free to move around, the body needs movement and exercise and a lot of people can’t even get that. People who have routine are now in great discomfort as they don’t know what to do with their day .its been eleven-day since the lockdown and now the impact is being truly felt as news of fatalities from around the world hits home.

I for one have not felt unnerved due to the crisis and taken all precautions to stay safe and advised that to others too. An expert was explaining how the virus enters the body and how the immune system fights it, they say that the antibodies create a storm of sorts that turn of the body itself and attacks the lungs. There are theories that say that the crisis has been created so that the government can use technology and keep track of all of us through the phone, giving the people the argument it is pessary to track every citizen and isolate these who are infected and identify hot spots. Not only will this virus change the way we fundamentally work and interact with each other it can further increase intrusion from the government who can now control us by monitoring our data and tacking us through the mobile device.

Theories they are aplenty, as for me I still await the end of the lockdown more than that I pray that domestic flight service resume fast