Now a new and innovative way of selling your books as an author is through bundled deals. Here you can make bundles of your books and sell them as packages. As a pack of three or four books of different genres. These are bundles that can have a higher price but since they are sold in bundles they will have greater appeal to the reader and may add better value as he is getting books of different tastes and styles.

This way bundled deals are a great way to push your books off the KDP shelf. Try Bundled deals as a way of promotion to push further and get more customers. That way you can charge a premium for the bundle. You can also sell them as Anniversary or Celebration Packages. So with my books, you can make a few bundles.

OTT Bundle: Rs 500

 yes, sir, I killed my Dad, I also slept with Rashmi Verma, Party Girl

Self Help Bundle: Rs 500

Survival, Blogging for Gold, Nad, Blogging fro Diamond

Travel Junkie: 500

Travelthon Tales, Out of Africa, Antarctica Diaries, Yeh! Hie India, Russia With Love