Dhirang is another small destination that you must visit it is two hours ride by car from Bomdila and very close to the Sangeti Valley . It is famous fro the Dhirang Monastery and the Dhirang Dzong . The monastery is large and shaped with a lego like sure patron that prevails though out the building , their are huge globes in-front of the. Entrance , the entire place is lush green with a cover of mist over the mountains , now and gain chants from prying monks breaks the silence in the air . I got a chance to spend two days here and I stayed over in a guest house plus home stay kind of a place which had food and all the required modern amenities , a local buddhist was running this place and his helpers prepared the meals for us .
Dhirang was cold as we were even higher altitude then Bomdila . The other place to see here is the Dhirang Dzong  .This ia a tribal area around 9 century BC and was a prison 600 years back , a lot of convicts from Dhirang were sent here .I was most comfortable here as the vibrations were amazing and I was staying at very luxurious place from where I could see the entire valley beneath me , the small houses and stone huts , the plantations , waterfall’s , misty and a lush green forest .My home stay maid served me dinner and breakfast of all puri and paratha . It was cold and their was. Heather facility also the entire place was well light with TV cable and wifi facility .
I waked over the Chu river which flows in Dhirang it has clear water and a fast pace , I even sat down for hours just still staring at the water . Dhirang is also famous for Gomba’s these are sone buddhist monuments a place to sit and pay or bow down to . The valley is full of these gomba’s .
Sengeti valley is another marvel to see situated 12 km for Dirang it is a place for farmers and sheep .The place is full if sheep and herders who litter the entire valley . I was told that sheep’s were imported to the region from Russia , the green soft grass and cool moist temperature along with clean mountain water. Is the ideal thing a sheep needs to grow well and large .
By far the Dhirang monster and the the cool breeze of the region will remain with me for ever , indeed a eastern jewel this is Dhirang .