An Amazon River Cruise is an amazing adventure that can be done in many different ways and on just about any budget. In this article, we look at how we traveled on the Amazon on a backpacker’s budget and at some more options for exploring this mighty river. The Amazon River cuts across South America making its way through three different countries; Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. A massive variety of animal species live in the Amazon rainforest surrounding the river. Cruising on the Amazon you may have a chance to see tamarin monkeys, three-toed sloths, scarlet macaws, Amazon River dolphins, caimans, giant otters, and much more. Go on a cruise that will take you to explore the jungle and visit villages deep in the heart of the forest seen by a few others.

Amazon River Cruises

Explore the Amazon on a large luxury purpose-built riverboat with comfortable cabins, excellent cuisine and expert naturalists and well qualified staff. On many cruise you get to meet indigenous communities and learn about their way of life, kayak down Amazon Tributaries, go on day & Night Hikes through the the rainforest with expert naturalists and a chance to spot wildlife including sloths, otters, capybaras, and maybe even a jaguar fish for piranhas, see and maybe even interact with pink river dolphins, learn about the conservation efforts on the river. Expect to pay a premium price for a luxury cruise.

Amazon Brazil River Cruise

On our Amazon Cruises we explore the Amazon region around Manaus in Brazil. Cruises in Brazil are known for going much deeper into nature then cruises in surrounding countries such as Peru and Ecuador. Our cruises can be booked for three days and up. We also offer customized cruises of two weeks or longer.

Best Time for Brazil Rainforest Cruises

All year round it is possible to do our Amazon rainforest cruises. The rainy season runs from December to May each year. All year round it is possible to see different animals only in the rainy season it is just a little bit easier to spot them.

Hop aboard a riverboat and experience the Amazon in style. Led by Amazon Reserve naturalist guides, your cruise will include daily excursions by motorized skiff designed to reveal the exotic wildlife that calls the rainforest home — with any luck you’ll spot sloths, toucans, or pink dolphins! And, with plenty of time for exploration in Pacaya–Samiria National Reserve, you’ll have the chance to experience the jungle up close. The cuisine on board is regional and provides a unique and delicious window into local culture. Gain a rare glimpse of how life “on the river” is lived and experience the magic of the Amazon on this riverboat adventure.