Hi, folks, I have started covering my ebooks into audiobooks and I am selling them through audible.com which has now arrived in India, you can use the acx.com platform to upload MP3 files of your audiobooks and start to sell them, the audiobooks will also be available on I Tunes. I hope to convert at least 10 of my e-books into the audio platform and I am enjoying doing voice overs and narrations of these at a local studio in Allahabad, have been in the city for over three weeks now, but it has been fun all the way.

My backend team is helping with the design of the digital covers, we are using the symbol of a headphone to differentiate our audio offerings from our e-books. I can sell these at a higher price as the margins are high here plus a lot of youth are listening to audiobooks nowadays.

Sow watch out for. More of my blogging gran on my audiobooks.