A recent revenue stream for my blog is SelfPublishing Brand promotional and coffee table books. I am exploring this deal with a client and prospect of mine called Chocohoillcs, I have done a blog post on them before and they are also facilitating me in selling my books on their counters. They are a distribution outlet for my book I also Slept with Rashmi Verma. I have proposed to make a marketing and coffee table book on their products namely cakes and exotic parties, along with the History and lineage of the brand, the people who started it, where and when. The history of its products and a bit about the workers behind the brand, along with customer testimonials. It would make for perfect matter with color photographs on glossy paper.

Become Self Publisher

Use fonts backgrounds and layouts to make the book look rich and creative. Use a theme and have a very catchy cover with an apt title and photographs. It would be a perfect read and a gift item for the customers of the brand. Or they could be sold directly from the outlets.

Publisher for Counter book

All was needed was a tie in with the current publisher, compile content for the book, execute the design, layout, and proofreading. The publisher takes care of the distribution and delivery of certain copies. Rest can be ordered at a fixed price to be decided by the brand.

Identify brands and associate with such brands in building their image through your writings, concepts, creativity, and design.