Day’s fly by as another morning brings sunshine for me, today was to stay indoors day. As I got up late tired from the running around of yesterday. I was appraised by the Republic news channel that one of their reporters had died of COVID the guy must be barely 35 years old, someone so young died of the virus. I was taken aback as I swept through other stories on the net celebrities like Sania Mirza talking of their battle with the dreaded virus, she describes it as a horrific experience. The virus is killing indiscriminately, as new strands and new mutations of the COVID 19 virus are discovered in counties like Britain and Denmark. The world death toll stands at 2.5 million and that’s the official toll the unofficial numbers as much as five times higher which means more than 10 million deaths and still counting.  It seems even this year will go under the grey cloud of the virus as humanity tries somehow to stay afloat and try to get things normal not with much success, the Indian economy has struck and we are still not out of the recession, the only thing to be happy about is the Stock Market touching new highs but then when did the stock market take cues from the economy it is an animal of its own free will and no one can predict the markets.

Yes, the day flew by as I munched on prawn and rice and had a few cans of coke, I quite enjoy the Hershey Bar as dessert apart from that I relaxed on my bed contemplating and giving my clothes to the laundry.

The day passed by with more news of the farmer’s protest and celebrity Twitter fights. The only fun I have is on munching chicken lollypop at my friend Dab’s ka eating joint. Apart from that life just is passing me by as I aimlessly and wilfully nestle myself in its bowls.