Just saw some reports and tweets on the net about a young lady actress accusing the great Anurag Kashyap for being a bit rough with her in his dealings. Well I would like to state that I love Anurag for the genius that he is but he does have a dark side and can be demonic, but that’s the energies that he cultivates at the moment. Creative people have muses and these are women who inspire them to write, make poetry or do some great art or a movie. Anurag must have liked Madam Payal Ghosh in that creative spontaneous way where it is very difficult to control your animalistic as well as creative urges. He can get overtly physical I have seen him hugging and dropping girls and smooching them a bit thirstily  at parties, but these were girl friend he actually beaded also. It’s harmless and a very thin line to tread , but then our man only operates in the thin line zones and often gets himself into trouble not to mention in the lime light as well. I myself am trying to chase the PR guy who planted this story of  Anurag Kashyap and Payal Ghosh misadventure  on rediff.com and some other media sites.

According to me it’s a win win situation for both the creative artist and his muse, with Their pictures appearing in the media  with the PR articles is a win win as they both get publicity. I Think they should stop quarrelling and have a wine and cheese dinner together. I myself have acted in such a manner with another lady Anupriya Goenka a decade back but it was harmless fun, making music, writing poetry sending flowers or just saying miss you does not always mean being rough or high handed after all the lady also has her mystique and attraction which is often difficult for animal  like Anurag Kashyap To resist.

Instead of crying wolf and making the man pay fines it is better to use the money and do more such PR releases together, the next should be that the two have patched up and the lady is part of Anurag’s new pet project that’s   what I would like to see If I can suggest in my own little and modest way.