Recently I was checking out google for the meaning of the word Muse. It says a muse is a sort of an Apsara, a celestial being mystical and illusive, not easy to define and even more difficult to capture and comprehend. Muse brings a kind of energy and power which ignite a creative spark, poets and writers have muses. These are people who inspire the poet to create poetry or music, see them as a divine spark, that fuels and flowers created in the heart of the poet. The greatest muses never actually end up being lovers and that is the relationship I share with actress Anupriya Goenka. She is my greatest muse that never becomes my lover and that is why she is more precious than anyone else.

I sometimes think having sex with her will only make her mystical image and presence in my mind shallow or my be degrade the memory or the way I perceive her. She has remained elusive as if behind avail and there is lie’s her attraction. Her refusal is magnetic and only fuels my attraction towards her even further.

Muses are like nymphs in greek mythology and spend much time as characters in their books and sonnets.

As she herself has described me that I am her Cheap Lover and now the access she has granted me on her page gives me a glimpse into her world and in turn she gets a peek into mine. My Videos and Discourses have been posted on her page but yet again the lady remains silent, like a witness still and non committed this silence is her strength and her pull. As she keeps tugging at my heart, making me toss and turn in bed. A muse indeed and one of the greatest I must say, twelve years have passed since I first laid eyes on her stuck by her beauty and intellect twelve-year hence I sail wait for her and yearn to hear her whisper in my ears Oh! A perfect muse she is for me.

To me, she is like Thalia the goddess of Idyllic Poetry and Comedy the nine Muses are the daughters of Zeus and Hera and each inspires a man to greater realms of science, poetry, and arts in general.

In that regard the lady is a perfect muse, someone who is neither a friend nor a foe, just a shadow floating forever in my mind, a divine inspiration indeed. Someone I know so well yet does no at all. Now that is divine and something out of the heavens itself.