It’s been two weeks of solo fun and frolic coupled with exploration of an ancient culture of a nomadic tribes \. The dusty mountain’s, wild terrain, mystical monasteries, a mesmerising lake, villages, ancient places  and wild beast’s they have all been part of my Leh Ladhak adventure. I came here to escape the heat of Delhi and found paradise here .

I stayed in tent’s woke up at 4:00 am in the morning to capture the sunrise through my lens at the Pangong Lake . Made friend’s with the Indian army personnel posted in the region . Enjoyed the traditional dances from the Chang region and savoured the local cuisine at the Tibetian Kitchen . All in all a throughly wholesome experience .

Weather it was sitting silently at the tomb’s of old king’s at the Leh Palace or meditating in the Dikshit Monestry as i captured the towering Image of the Buddha through my lens. I saw how intertwined Bhuddism and Hinduism is .In one of the monestries i saw what looked like images of a rampaging goddess Kali on the wall and also images of what reminded me of Vishnu one of the Hindu god’s . Once agin reminded how similar we are even though we strive hard to keep our distinct identities intact .

This region is still untouched by popular tourist’s and their are places which are calm and serine. Staying in tent’s was a very different experience , I was fortunate to get hot water every morning for my bath, even though at times I had to bribe the cook to keep hot water for me. I clicked away and captured the Gull’s over the lake flying majestically by.


My tour Guide Mr Ganju was also very helpful and his arrangements were perfect down to the tee . Weather passing through the Khardongla Pass , the Changla pass or meandering through the Turtuk village , we always had all the time in the world and the journey went on smoothly . The food could have been a bit better , but the chinese soups and vegetable momo’s made up for it. The medicinal bath at the Panamik hot spring did do wonders for my aching bones and i was able to trek further as we moved along our journey . My driver who i tipped Rs 500 must get a special mention he navigated the rough mountain terrain with ease and allowed me to stop over from time to time to catch a glimpse of a mountain goat or camel or just let me play in the snow that fell by the way side .

I did make a good friend in Captain Suraj Rathod of the Indian army and promised to send him links to my blog along with photos to go of the Pangong Lake! Now with all these beautiful memories etched in my mind I say Alvida to Ladhakh as i get ready to board my Jet Airway’s Flight back to Delhi . Hope i wake up on time and above all hope to get hot water for my bath in the morning . So long folks ………………