Reached Allahabad a few days back took a train from Banaras about 2 hrs journey covering 100 km, both cities situated on the banks of rivers one the Triveni and the other Ganga itself. I parked myself in the Civil Lines area near the Eat On Biryani Wala. I noticed how distinct the tow cities are Banaras and Allahabad. Banaras is fully vegetarian and Non-veg is really available and is not of any good standard, but non-veg in Allahabad is amazing, the Biriyani’s Chicken tikka and kaleji, grilled chicken and paratha. This is because of the Muslim and Mughal touch the city has. Allahabad was ruled by the Mughals and the cuisine is greatly influenced by the Mughal and Islamic touch, delicious roasts and even tastes Kabab’s all severe through small shops and outlets across the city, some are sold by mobile vendors also. Banaras being predominately Hindu and the flag bearer of the RSS and Hindu brigade is all vegetarian, very little non-veg is available there.

The other distinct difference between the two cities is Allahabad is more open in the city wider. It is planned thus that their look to be a lot of spaces in the city and its many parks is a testimony to that, Allahabad is full of parks. The entire region is a buzz as the verdict on the Ram Janam Bhoomi came through, the Temple will be made. The establishment was anticipating violence and the entire city was shut down the entire day.

I managed to keep my walks and walked in the evening at the Chander Shekhar park which is a vantage point for me and Tiwari to do our brainstorming.

The next day I visited Nafee’s owner of Eat On and he treated me to a Biriyani, as usual, he was thrilled that I had taken out a book on, my Kumbh Mela experiences.

I like being at the slow pace of this city not to mention the Non-Veg Chicken Biriyani I had for lunch yesterday.” Modi Ji has done it again the verdict is to build the Ram Lala temple, we have been vindicated how can you remove Ram Lala for his birthplace itself. “ Mr. Arora who sells cold drinks and snacks near Eat On said to me as I enjoyed the Biriyani which was served to me. The entire market knows me as we did the EK KA DUM event here months back.

It is indeed happy days for me as a float on the streets of Allahabad visiting it’s Caffe and Non-Veg Outlets.