My dearest readers my new book Airpot Kabul has got a fabulous response and has sold more then fifty books in the first three days of it’s launch itself . It is now number 34 in the. Top 100 list of free books under the category of two hour mystery , thriller and suspense short reads . The response has been great as book reviews have also started during in from all over India . The book has been liked by the bloggers and book lovers who find it a racy and raw story about the current political happenings in Kabul and Afghanistan at large .

As such the book was very relevant as the Afghanistan issue is still hot in the foreign media .This is my second book which has broken into any top 100 list on amazon, com and KDP .The first book of mine to do so was Shaming of Diya that was downloaded more then 102 times during its launch moth period . I think that Airport Kabul will reach close to that record . The book has been well appreciated by Book reviewers .

The book is on number 37 in the Bestsellers Crime Thriller and History list here to it is in the top 100 list . With your love and blessings this book should go for all the past book records

A Book Review on Airport Kabul 

“ Title and book cover: The title was head-on and the book cover was well designed. (5/5)

Plot: The book starts when the white house had brokered a peace deal from the Taliban which was done hurriedly and in a very hush-hush manner and the way they conquered. The story revolves around an Afghan Family trying to save themselves and escape through Kabul Airport. (5/5)

Characterization: Our protagonist Hasija and her husband Jalal, sister Rabia, Cook Hamid, Emma as well as negative characters such as Suleman were well described and felt real. (5/5)

Writing style: The writing style was pretty good. Grammar and language were lucid. I found many grammatical errors in the book, apart from that the book is really nice. (4/5)

Overall, a very good attempt in portraying the truth!!! (4/5)”.

Review by Anuradha