A Drive Through Mehrauli and Peek through Adam Khan’s Tomb was all that I thought I needed on a jaded day and I waded out!

Adam Khan was a a general in Emperor Akbar’s army and this is a splendid dome shaped tomb built in his memory.The monument is made of sand stone and was built to honour the general in the early 16th century.The tomb is near The Qutab Minar and is round hollow dome structure which stand’s bang in the middle of Mehrauli Farm’s.


A View of the Tombs

The bustling by lanes of Mehrauli are a sight to behold especially for the remnants of the  old Mughal architecture . The lanes are littered with Mughlai eateries , kebab shop’s, itar (perfumery) shop’s and small establishments selling rose and chaddar (shroud) to pilgrim’s who come to pray at these tomb’s . I also ventured into these lanes and to my surprise ran into a peer (muslim holy man) sitting on the pavement .He looked to me like a soothsayer , so I asked him “ Baba tell me my future and also what ice has in store for me .” he looked mighty irritated “ mien paanch sau rupees lunga .” I will take 500 rupees he said and I gave him the money .He looked at my palm forever pressing it with his fingers and then whispered slowly into my ear ”you have a weak sex appetite , you have problem getting it up also . Too much alcohol you drink that’s why .I tell you have one bowl of soft rice in the morning before you go for crap and the in the night have milk with kesar.” I was aghast, I have always prided myself for being a great lover and here was this crazy man mocking me .” Baba ji i have had dozen’s of girlfriends but they have not complaint . “ array indian women are docile they just take everything lying down , I tell you you have to increase your sex power.” I trudged along thinking I hope no one had overheard that conversation.

I was with another friend Mr. Kwatra who wanted to show me how good the food of Pehelwan Hotel is. We had lunch in Pehelwan ka Dhabba .It was keema , kaleji and korma for lunch with warm roti’s .I must mention that the mutton was Badey Ka ( beef) and it tasted great.The portion’s were a bit less but the gravy and flavour was out of this world. After lunch we walked through the dusty by lanes to get a view of this rather poor neighbourhood .Well it was a village after all , with shop’s selling mithai and sweets from Rajasthan .

We managed to find a bengali restaurant in the  midst of all the din and I bough some fish curry for my dinner . The heat was getting to us by now it was late afternoon . We decided to stop for a sugar cane juice , which bought our freshness back . I liked this little ride of our’s to see part’s of Delhi one does not venture into every day . The Mehrauli area also had lot’s of designer shop’s selling couture from Manish Malhotra to Sabhyasachi, all the designers have some kind of a presence in this place . I was pleasantly surprise to to see the Mexican Italian joint called Olives in this part of the world .Olives is a famous restaurant in Bandra and has now opened up a branch in Mehrauli.