Once I had more then a dozen e books selling online under various genre and at variable prices , I decided to further add value to my sole product e books , on topics like travel’s , food , poetry , self help , technology and even erotica novels .The best way is to convert these books into audio books . To me it should be easy as being an actor I can narrate my e books myself that to with different character voices . All I need is some good quality recording equipment to record mp3 files of my audio book . This is where ACX.COM comes in this is a amazon.com company and a subsidiary of audible.com which is the primary sales platform for these e books . ACX.COM basically is a platform where authors , narrators , publishers , sound recordist and studio’s can collaborate with each other fix a price and make a very creative highly quality audio book .

The site is full of information on what the recording quality and specifications should be and how can one set up a recording studio at home . Their are elaborate videos showing that .it talks about author and publisher rights . But before uploading your finished audiobook file one needs to sign the acx.com agreement , which gives tow options a royalty deal of 40% for an exclusive deal with acx.com and audible or a non exclusive deal where you get 25% royalty only . In this option you are free to sell your books on other audio platforms online also .One has to sign the user agreement and the publishing agreement . You also must state what rights you have on the material .

I am registered in the author and narrator category , their is a whole host of technical information on the audio file formats , their size and quality . One has to make sure that the recording of the audiobook is done through a professional with the certified equipment needed for the job . How each file is to be loaded chapter by chapter , the opening credits announcing the name of the book and it’s author . Make sure these specifications are adhered to otherwise their will be problems uploading the audio files .

But the saddest part is that ACX.COM services re only available in UK , IRELAND , USA AND CANADA . So I ad to build a loop and I asked a friend in London to open an account with his bank details and other credentials . I would have the password and upload files of my audiobooks sitting from Delhi or any other part of the world . The money would come to his account and he will then transfer the royalties to me . That was the best way to circumvent my being an Indian resident .

So go out their practice your narration skills , clear your treat and make audio books , covert you e books into a powerful narration and entrap your readers further . Audiobooks can be sold at higher prices and fetch more royalty . It is a great way to add value to your over all content property . So get out their on ACX.COM and start sampling some audio books on audible.com