The day began with a healthy haze I has spent last night in quiet contemplation and in the solitude  of my room . The evening meditation had made me look fresh and younger but their was a groggy feeling in my mind as I got up . I walked out and started barking orders at the care taker of my hotel , “ Saaf karoo Bhai , aur thoda  pani aur bread toast tho jaane .” I told the cleaning boy . The day had begun late as usual and the sun was out on the tarred road . I got a call from Jeetu Ji my lawyer ,” Wo police wale ka phone Aya hei ! You need to fill a bond and sign it in front the ACP of Police that you will not do this act again for at least a year .” Jeetu apprised me after his discussion with Damle the Police officer who had called him .” Yeh ! salla madarchod Fixer mera dost nahi , dushman ban gaya , he says he will remove his name from the guarantors sheet .” I told Jeetu in an agitated voice .” Not to worry Uska naam nikal kar naya Guarantor kar lenge .” Jeetu reassured me.

“ Wo chutiya hei wo tumhey lootna Chahta hei .” Jeetu said as he understood the game that Fixer was playing .” Why don’t you come over to court at 3 PM , then we will go to the station fill your bond and get it signed by the ACP of police , your hearing is next week by that time the charge sheet would have been submitted to the court .” Jeetu had done his home work for the past week or so and he had got all the process documents ready . After the requisition for the laptop , this was our biggest task that needed to be completed before we could move further .

‘I have sent you bills of my laptop , we will deal with Fixer later .” I said as if to say everything was in control .

I have been wearing my torn track bottom for the past three days and it is looking grubby .I marched out and took an auto ,” Court House .” I barked at the auto wala .” We moved toward the court house .” Sir bond paper , sir buy bond paper .” One man approached me as I made a walk for the court house .” Hello Jeetu Ji , where are you .” I asked ,” Sit in the canteen area , I will be with you .” Jeetu instructed . I waited patiently the heat was making me restless and I had taken a Corona Mask to cover my face . The auto guy had reminded me to pick it up on the way as I left my hotel abode .

Jeetu showed up with his assistant , a short fair girl who was carrying bond paper with her .” Sir listen to your lawyer he is there to help you only .” She said as she sat on the bench and waited for me to sign the document .Jeetu was on the phone again this time it was Fixer ,” Tell Sir he has run away with my money , I have spoken to Diya Madam , she has said usee Ab Mein Bataun gi apni chute ka asli dam , I will make him sweat .” Fixer sounded a bit unsure .” Par sir , is saying you have stolen his I Tablet also , and if sir owes you money then send bills to us .” Jeetu was his lawyer best .” Harami hie Fixer , he wants to make money through Diya madam also .’ Jeetu understood Fixers real motive . Fixer had lost his golden goose that he was milking for so long and now the goose was gone in a flash and Fixer was like a Fish in water trying to make sense of it all .

“ Chalo lets go to the cop station and fill some forms we need to give a apology to the ACP also the area is in a woman ACP’s du restriction . Your new guarantor is also coming over .” Jeetu said wiping his glasses . In a flash my eyes fell on a short dark man who had come to be my guarantor in five thousand the deal was arranged , he had bought his Aadhaar card with him and jumped into the auto with us .

We reached the station in time , today the station was empty and so where the streets and the shops . We sat down with Damle who assured Jeetu that he was their to help .” Arrey sir has not done any crime this is not a crime just sign our form you will not do it agin for the next one year and you are free from our process .” Writer hei Bhai , mistake ho jata hei .” Jeetu said with an esoteric smile as he picked up a paper cup full of tea .

‘ He has acted with Shah Rukh Khan also , and Rani Mukherji “ a man on the computer peered out of his desk and said very glee fully .” I am Sudeep , I will type the form you need to sign what was your case number .” He leaned forward to ask Jeetu .” It is there in my file .” Jeetu fumbled with his file to dig out the case number .” CRN 3200.” He said with reassurance . All the paper work was taking it’s sweet time , the station was slow and empty , dry and smutty . It stank of stale bread and charcoal wood . I did not have the patience to keep sitting and staring at people coming in and walking out of the room . Jeetu got into a conversation with the cops , as they showed him file of my naked pictures and photographs in a file .” It is not a crime as such , sir is saying he was given access to Diya’s page , but still if some one excepts you as a friend you cannot say you want to fuck her .” The inspector tried to make a point . I felt uneasy and walked out into the yard to take some air .” It seems you eat a lot of Pan Parag , stop that it’s a and habit .” A bald fair looking gentleman looked at me , he had taken his mask off when he said that .He was in his late fifties bald with bristles of white hair and white moustache .” I know this is not the only vice I have , I am a writer and you .” I shook his hand and felt like a polite conversation with the gentleman .The old gentleman was fair and with a smile said ,” I am just here for my matter , your long hair say you are a creative person .” He took off his jacket as the heat was getting to us both .

Jeetu got busy with the documents inside the room and chatted aimlessly with the cops , it was like one big tea party inside .” The farmers protest I believe Kangna is in trouble due to her tweets , even tweeter has removed them , they say she is instigating hate amongst people .”The old balding gentleman went on to narrate the hot topic of the day .” Farmers protest , I mean why only Punjab farmers are protesting there i are no protests anywhere else in India .” I went on as if trying to make a prudent point to my old man . Cops meandered in the court yard some are familiar with me .” Sir one role in your next web series .” A cop saluted me and asked .” See I can only give you a non speaking part all the speaking parts are taken .” I went on to say with a glance  .” You write about my character , I am Singham the super cop .” Pat came the reply .” You know I was the one who arrested you then , you are good writer .” Saying this he walked off . My irritation got the better of me as it was taking a lot of time to get the documents to get into order . I went to the photocopier to make some Xerox of my cards and then along with the cops headed for the ACP’s  office around the corner with a few more others that included my old grey haired balding gentleman .” You are a Punjabi , it seems from North India .” He went on to ask Asif trying to get to know me more .” I handed him my card I am a Kashmiri sir , like Nehru pandit .’ I made my cast clear to him as we meandered on the footpath to go towards the ACP’s office .

Jeetu was there as we trigged to the second floor of the building .” I am your lawyer I have to support you ,see all the work I am doing for you and still you keep going about my payment , I am standing in the sun for you .” Jeetu further trend to prove his loyalty towards me .” What is your gotta then .” The balding gentleman asked .” I am Datatre .” I said ,” So am I , we are brothers then .” Jeetu clapped my hand and said .’ Now you get me out of this .” I smiled back to him and said .I was taken inside into a computer room and signed my bond paper and stood in-front of the ACP .” Hmm you are. Writer , I see yes! Yes ! I know you your fathers murder case , you are a witness in that .” The female officer dressed in a stale and pale Shalwar Kameez looked at em as she read my case file .” Madam I have payed fine written an apology , but bail bond in court , what more is needed now I have suffered enough you see .” I stood still with folded hands in front of the lady .’ You see the crime was committed in my area , so these formalities are for me that you swear you will not do it again otherwise the police will re arrest you again .” She went on to explain to me the nuances of the case .” It was an mis understanding , I was trying to ask the lady to do my web movie .” I tried to put my point forward rather meekly .” That is Ok , you give me a copy when you meet me next , after the court hearing you see me in tow days , now you can go .” She looked at me peering form her glasses .” You send me the book I will read it .” She went on to tell me before she excused me .i opens the door hesitantly and walked out of the station with Jeetu .” So far so good at least we got the cops off our backs , rest of the work is own process , give me Rs 2000 for the guarantor  boy he has stood in the neat all day .’ Jeetu was his greedy self .” Arrey I have not written for two months still not got my laptop and you keep asking for money .’ Saying this a thrust a note in his hand .

The traffic was getting a bit heavy but Corona times was evident , public activity was low and people were still afraid to get out of their homes .I hopped on an auto and headed for the hotel knowing well that I had done a good days work and that my troubles might be coming to an end as of now at least .