The year 2020 would no doubt go down as the year of the COVID 19 Pandemic, that was the one story that dominated the media and kept us all locked in doors, all working from home with masks on our faces. The Pandemic changed our lives like no other thing, with countries loosing hundred’s and thousands of people to the dreaded virus. I for one did not get the virus as I spent most of the time in my hotel room in Mumbai. I managed to finish two books Nineteen and Shaming of Diya in the meantime, spent idle hours with Ashish chit chatting about spirituality and cinema. Had an occasional meeting in the lobby, discussed scripts and tried to sell my book content. With technology again all this was possible and with a phone and a laptop life was very comfortable for a writer, as it is most time is spent locked indoors typing away visualizing one scene or the other.

Time with Granny and Dehra Doon was well spent as I would meet her for a few weeks here and there, my roots in the city still remain firm and intact with friends all over the place. I managed to sell my book Yes sir I killed my Dad and launched my audio books and paperback versions as well . That way I felt I made some progress in my author and blogging journey .

Managed to put on weight due to lack of activity and very healthy food at the hotel. I do look forward to the India vs Australia Cricket series. It has kept me busy this month. I also track with joy the rise of the sensex no doubt spurred by the news of a vaccine coming out soon in the market. Will that see an end to the shabby lives that we currently live, how long will humanity have to stay under fear and under lock downs. With job looses and business collapses the economy was reeling under severe pressure due to COVID and even know the fundamentals show no sign of giving any good news. So if you are healthy and still living through the virus, best of luck you have lived through a very bizzar’e year which bought the world to an halt and has killed more then 1.7 million people so far.

This year of uncertainty and acute social changes most people would like to forget. We would like to put the year behind us and wish for this sickness to end and go away some way. People can only hope for a better year and good fortune after what we all have been though. The two positives to come out where Technology and Bio Technology both these helped humanity find solutions through the Pandemic, with the internet exploding with the new trend of work from home, and with Vaccine trial on the way we have been able to fight through human progress through science, medicine and technology. A tip for the stock markets invest money in Pharma, Tech and Logistical Company stock, we are on the beginning of a bull run which would go on till the next year, their could be good money to be made here.

Elections went on during the Pandemic with a change of guard in US, they have a new President Biden lead the Democrat win for the White House, yes Trump lost the elections. The Pandemic was the end of him and his handling of it was what got him kicked out of office in a very close ballot.

My Partnership with Ashish is yet to result in a sale but it is nonetheless a good friendship to keep. My Film Torbaaz got released on NetFlix and is steaming live on it. The year comes to an end, and times still fly’s away. Till then lets hope that 2021 brings with it winds of change, hope and take away all our pains and deepest fears.