I had bumped into Captain Suraj Singh during the summer of last year on my trip to Ladakh. It has been a year since and we met again, this time in Delhi. We met while I was venturing deep into Pangong Lake and as I was taking close up pictures of the doves that floated over the lake. The great captain recognised me as a Bollywood actor. We became friends and he took me around the area himself. I have posted a story about our chance meeting in my last year’s post.

We kept in touch since then and he was kind enough to send me his photos of the trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It was great to meet a young dynamic soldier of the Indian army who enjoyed travelling and adventure with a totally free spirit. I met the captain and his fiancé at the Lake Da Hotel and then I whisked the couple off to the Delhi Durbar for some snacks and beer. Suraj showed me some amazing photos of joint military exercises being done in Siachen and near the Indo-Pak border. It was all very exciting and visually impactful photographs of army life. “Oh, by the way, I didn’t tell you that I cancelled my last engagement. My ex wanted me to leave the army job and do some business but I am too passionate about the army. I love this life of adventure.” he said sipping a beer and showing me more photographs of his motorcycle diaries on his Apple Macbook Pro. I was thrilled to bits and asked him to post his content on my site as a guest post. The Captain has agreed. We exchanged some old stories of our meeting last year and then thanked each other.

I can see how my network is growing and how I am meeting the people who are part of my network now on a regular basis. I had met Debbie and her husband from America also in Delhi. I took them also to Kake Da Dhaba and then for ice cream to Natural.

So, two cheers to our reunion today and welcome Captain Suraj as my first travel blogger guest!