As it is correctly said “Try Everything, Then Choose The Right“. So you guys have been through many blogs and internet sites to explore your holiday city “Delhi” and want to get new ideas from fresh pair of eyes to visit. So if you are planning to explore the most authentic metro city of India in a new way apart from those old and boring grandpa’s stories of Delhi, let’s get it from best indian travel bloggers.

Red Fort

RED FORT– Let’s start with the most frequent tourist attraction RED FORT, with its chivalrous walls of red-colored sandstones erected by Mughals, including the charming bazaar “The Chhattar Bazaar” within it.  One could get a cut a type of look for themselves. If I’m not wrong everybody wants something extra special from a place where they have visited. So the sound and light show during the evening time adds up the excitement in your heart. I suggest you to visit this awesome place by reading the best vacation blogs at least once so that you won’t cry over the spilled milk for not enjoying the patriotic insights and evening views of this place. So go ahead and enjoy the spot.

Akshardham Temple

AKSHARDHAM TEMPLE – One of the most prominent and largest Hindu temples made in the memory of Jyotidhar Bhagwan. As you get inside the temple you can see its beauty, the beauty of its carving nature how finely and exquisitely it all had done. It brilliantly flaunts the Indian Ancient Architectural essence. If you are here do not forget to watch the mindblowing and soothing exhibition here which depicts the ideas of non-violence, honesty, and spirituality through films and robotic shows and includes 15mins of cultural boat rides to learn about the ancient inventions and discoveries by our forefathers. After all, go through the glorious musical fountain show with lots of colorful lights and sounds that describes the cycle of human birth, life, and death. So explore the temple and experience the arresting sights, sounds, and the power of spirituality with the travel blogger websites.

Lotus temple

LOTUS TEMPLE– Lotus temple reminds me of the sayings of David Hume “Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them” due to its remarkable architectural features and style of the temple which makes it the most unique temple in India. The temple has won many awards and recollections for its mesmerizing and distinctive design. It exemplifies the four religions of our country that is Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Islam as it does not support any one of the religions and proclaims that we all are equal, and every religion must be given equal importance. With this, you can state here “Unity is Strength”.

Craft Museum

CRAFTS MUSEUM – With an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature craft museum is the best place to explore around as it holds the theme of traditional village style that houses collections of thousands of traditional crafts of India. This epoch museum is in the corner of Pragati Maidan desiccate and safeguards many ancestral crafts of ancient times. An extensively carved chariot temple and the Gujarati haveli add a unique charm to it. So if you are an admirer of traditional and authentic arts and crafts go through this extraordinary place and explore popular travel blogs.

Sarojini Nagar Market

SAROJINI NAGAR MARKET – It is the most famed market in Delhi which makes your gloomy day bright instantly as it consists of many beautiful accessories, clothes, and anything you want to buy. So if you are a man or a woman it’s the way best place to shop for amazing and unique jewelry, shoes, shirts, colorful bags, and many more things at very cheap prices. If you are a shopaholic personality do not miss this place for shopping purpose.

Garden Of Five Senses

GARDEN OF FIVE SENSES – This garden is just not for strolling around and relaxing but it is a space to witness the beauty of our nature with a variety of activities, public interactions, and exploration with best indian travel bloggers. This garden is full of lush green colors and fragrances just to brace your sensory responses to the environment. It is the best place to relinquish all your hassles and feel the dynamic setup of this garden to evoke the awareness of touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. This garden engenders the mind to see this natural beauty with fresh pair of eyes and just feel it.

India Gate

INDIA GATE – India gate reminds me of one of the English phrases that is “if you want peace, prepare for war” as it commemorates our Army Soldiers who lost their lives during the war which makes this place memorable. At the onset of night, you can witness the illume fountains nearby makes a phenomenal view after which you won’t regret to be a part of this place. Encompassing the remarkable structure is a large stretch of exuberant green lawns which can be your best picnic spot. During summer evenings the sight becomes more pleasing as it illuminates with radiant lights.

So go ahead and explore best travel blogs to ready with your favorite city with some new ideas.

Source: Trip Treck