The year comes to a pressing end , the year gone by all that one wants to do is the time that went by in quite contemplation of my room , my heart years to look back on a year that arrived with a whimper but is leaving us with a big bang , with millions dead around the world we as humanity are held hostage by a virus we cannot fight and are yet un able to contain .For me professionally was a year of quiet progress to becoming a sold author who caused some buzz in the market . But again the virus ate us all and everyone saw their lively hoods drop .

My time spent in the lazy luxury of the Marriot was well spent with my mate fixer to keep me amused with his talks and gossips , I would start on my spirituality lectures and then we would start watching video’s of sathguru , our interest in adhyatam binding us together . occasional   break’s to grandma’s place made sure I did not forget my roots at all this year .

Wrote a novel Shaming of Diya on revenge porn and another one on the Pandemic that was some satisfaction for me . I was a dutiful grandson dedicated to looking after my grandmother and a trusted friend to my mate Arun . The year ends with some cricket as India salvage lost pride on the first day of the boxing test . My tickets for Dehra Doon are booked and New Year will be with my friends   their as I will touch base with Janak my old pal for a re union .

I look forward to the next year with caution and apprehension will we get out of the Pandemic un hurt with our loved ones alive or sink deeper into existance of lockdown . How long will we have sporting events and live concerts in Bio Bubbles . Will work and study from home become the new normal . These are questions only the future can answer we can only extrapolate things .Till then I rest on the grand pillars of Spirituality , Philosophy , Knowledge , Un conditional love , my life to be lead by the strength of these important inner virtues .One needs to keep reminding  one self of this , especially a seeker like me who has started exploring the path itself .

In terms of love I have remained un full filled this year and must also confess I have not had sex since the lockdowns began , no sir no sex for me at all not with the Virus around although I must say I was tempted but went against my instinct on that one .As of now I am enjoying my aloneness so far and feel content that I am alive and have gone Corona free all year with infections still on the rise around the world .The lethargic life style I have due to being locked into my hotel room all day has made me put on weight , but the good food and the deep sleep I get has given a very fresh glow on my face and I my skin has turned soft and turgid like a new born baby’s bottom .I garnish my cheeks and face with my body creams only eat healthy food like soups and salads with home cooked curries that’s all I need to remain fit . I didn’t bother with beach walks also nor did I do the gym , more immersed with my blog writing and books than anything else frankly .Some how I have managed to keep myself financially afloat but I am bound to feel the pinch next year for that need to make plans with the help of Fixer my working partner .

I feel a sense of relief with the year now at the curtains and take a deep breathe exhale and inhale , exhale and inhale the year is now truly to an end ..