After all the animals, nature and some supernatural, I headed further out into Zanzibar in Tanzania which is an archipelago, a collection of islands! The view of the mountains was a delight to see as I crossed the plane.

Mount Kilimanjaro in the clouds !!
Mount Kilimanjaro in the clouds!

I had a few days to kill here before heading to Zambia where several of my friends awaited me and my exciting company (I am sure!). I had checked into this shack of a hotel and woke up late as my friendly guide Dixon knocked on the door “Hey sir, wake up! I have to tell you something about tomorrow’s plan.” he bellowed. “Hang on, hang on!” I said as I stumbled out of the bed half naked with sleepy eyes. I looked around this beautiful shack in Zanzibar to find my keys to the room so that I could open the damn door. “Damn!” I swore, “I can’t find the room keys, hang on!” I said as I grabbed my bag to see if it was there. “We will have to break the door from outside.” Norman barked for helped. A tragedy was avoided and as luck would have it, I found my keys under the bed sheet and opened the door. Norman told me the schedule for my trip for the next day which was “I will have to leave now for Dara Salam. My friend will come and pick you up tomorrow.” he said with a glee in his eyes “Till then, enjoy the sunset on the beach.”

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